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League of legends: Wild Rift Will Bring 3 New Champions and 7 Skins in the Latest Update!

League of legends

Every week, Riot Games always holds a dev diary where they reveal their upcoming features and future plans for League of Legends Wild Rift. As for Next week, League of legends Wild Rift will expand their open beta access to new territories.

To be precise, on December 8 and 10, 2020, Players from Taiwan, Vietnam, Oceania, Middle East, North Africa Russia, CIS and Turkey will be able to experience the newest MOBA game on Android and iOS devices!

League of legends

Apart from the open beta expansion, Riot also discussed the upcoming Wild Rift update. Interestingly, there will be some new things that fans of the MOBA game can’t wait to try. Among them are Champions and new skins! Let’s Take a look at the complete list below.

New Champion – League of legends

As promised by Riot Games, Wild Rift will receive 3 new Champions in its latest Update.

The Champions are: Darius, Draven and Wukong.

Reporting from the dev diary Riot, League of legends Wild Rift players can get Darius and Draven for free if they complete the mission for the “Noxian Brotherhood” event. Apart from getting these champions, you can also get Noxian accessories too! 

As for Wukong, the monkey king will come to Wild Rift in the next latest update.

New Skins

After many skin leaks that spread on several social media accounts, Riot has finally confirmed which skins will be coming in the upcoming Wild Rift Updates.

Academy Darius

League of legends

High Noon Darius

Primetime Draven

League of legends

Soul Reaver Draven

Queen Ashe

League of legends

Steel Legion Garen

Volcanic Wukong

League of legends

That’s it for the 3 new Champions and 7 Skins that will be brought to LoL Wild Rift update! Don’t forget to stay tuned  for more information and Guide!