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Learn About Amane in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Amane is a slippery character that wants to keep his opponent on his toes while he jumps around them with command jumps and standard full-screen moves. These neutral tools give him the ability to control the pace. His Drive assists with his range and mobility. He has a single gauge, called the Spiral Gauge, which fills up when he uses Drive attacks and certain specials. Every Drive attack deals incredible chip damage. It also deals great damage to the Barrier. When his Spiral was built, his drives increased damage both when hit and blocked.

Playstyle of Amane


He is a fugitive that uses jump commands and standard full-screen maneuvers to control space and lock motion. His drive makes up for his mixed game lack with its ridiculous chip damage and barrier drain.


  • Strong neutral game
  • Great range with C and D normals
  • Strong antiairs e.g 6A, 5C, and 6C
  • The pressure is strong and varied with ordinary, Zettou and Ginga
  • Unpredictable air mobility with Zettou hops and j.2B
  • Incredible chip damage and barrier escape on Level 3 Drill


  • Below-average health
  • Lack of meterless defensive options
  • Long-range travel has great resilience
  • The speed is slow although there are many different movement options
  • Lack of matching options. The only cost is j.A

Drive: Spiral – Amane

His Drive attacks turn his cloth into a drill that he uses to attack his opponents. Using Drive attacks will fill the Spiral Gauge up to three levels. Different levels of the Spiral Gauge grant different properties to his Drive attacks. Here are some specific details:

There are 3 levels of Spiral Gauge. The stat increases when using D attacks and decreases over time. Drill attacks last longer and deal more damage with higher levels. Gauge is built up even on strong D attacks.

The drill can overheat if it is charged for too long. When it is too hot, D move and D special cannot be used.

Each attack will cause more hits if you hold the button, with each attack will contribute to the Spiral Gauge.

Level 3 D moves deal a very high amount of chip damage on the block.

Overdrive: Cyclone – Amane

  • His Overdrive powers his drill, making it easy to level 3 and avoiding overheating.
  • The Spiral Gauge continues to rapidly increase to level 3 and then stops. (Does not immediately become level 3 when activated).
  • His Distortion Drive is enhanced, taking additional hits and dealing bonus damage.
  • The 6D performs more hits, but achieves a slower drill rod, allowing it to do more damage for longer periods without overheating the drill.

Special moves – Amane

Ninpu Sengeki: Hariken

  • 7F~ possible to cancel into followups
  • Gains Drill level while the stance is held
  • The projectile is invulnerable while still in the posture
  • Hariken immediately vanished if it was too hot
  • Cannot be used while another Hariken is operating or during overheating
  • Gauge values: 1~4F = freeze gauge; 5~30F = 60; 31~54F = 70; 55~78F = 80; 79~102F = 90; 103~127F = 100; adds 100 to all values while in OD until level 3
  • The value measured at level 3 in the OD is 30 points per frame

Jyuuken Dageki: Gekiren

  • Cannot hit grounded opponents
  • Air unblockable (Command grab)

The hand will appear at a fixed distance from him unless in the corner. The hand will never be off the screen, so the range can be changed to accommodate this rule. Very useful to call out if your opponent is jumping. Can be quickly destroyed and later combined into 2C to deal massive damage.

Choujyuu Rengeki: Raibu


End of combination. You can use it instead of using 5D. This move will bring the opponent to full screen, so make sure to consider that in comparison to using other endings. Can be quickly canceled to 5C for a modest match extension depending on the starter kit used.

Tensou Rakugeki: Gosei

  • Active frames continue until landing
  • He will come back if he lands behind the opponent for the last shot
  • Mainly used as a kill from aerial combos because it’s unsafe. Can be quickly destroyed to 2C to expand the mix. If you have 50 meters, you might also want to use it as it’s really fast and will be safe or give you a combo.

Choujin Kaihi: Zettou

  • A command jump gives Amane the additional mobility needed.
  • The direction input controls the direction of the jump (236 = forward, 214 = back) and the button pressed affects the angle (A = short, B = long)
  • This can be done once on the ground and once in the air; Zettou usage is restored after landing (ex: whistling j.2B)
  • Use Zettou does not consume universal air motion options; Combine with double jump or airdash to increase mobility

Gangan Senbu: Ginga – Amane

  • The projectile travels on the ground level.
  • Shoot your opponents in the air with plenty of technical no-time