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Learn About Arakune in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Arakune is a very unique character with attacks, moves, and gameplay unlike anyone else. His gameplay revolves around using his Drive attacks to put his opponents into a state of “Cursed”. Each of his Drive attacks builds a special gauge, Crimson (commonly known as Curse), on his opponent. Once the gauge is filled and his opponent is “Cursed”, he can freely run safe mixes, not react and deal massive damage for a short time. This combination includes high-low, crossover, protective interrupt, and anything else you can think of.

Playstyle of Arakune


Arakune plays a cunning neutralizer to cast a curse and ultimately overwhelms his opponent with his inflicting damage and frantic mix.


  • Very mobile in the air.
  • High damage, pressure, keep away, and oki when cursed.
  • Movement is difficult with the movement supported by the relatively safe aerial slit phases.
  • Mandatory management of Burst differs from the opponent


  • Below-average health.
  • High learning curve
  • Very uneven matchup spread
  • Limited movement options on the ground.

Drive: Crimson

Crimson is the Curse Meter processing system. Each attack of his Drive generates a certain amount of curses. Drive Attacks to create a curse when hit or on blocks for half the normal amount. Zero Vector (cloud) and “F of G” also make up Curse.

When the gauge is maxed out, it will start curse mode and automatically start draining. At maximum, the Curse gauge lasts for about 10 seconds (6000F). In Cursed Mode, he has access to error summons that greatly increase his damage, mix, and pressure. Arakune summons bugs by releasing any attack button.

Bed bugs have cooldowns and he cannot summon bugs while he is taking damage, in blockstun, teching or activating Overdrive or Exceed Accel. See Curse Bugs for details. Once the curse gauge is exhausted, every attempt to rebuild the curse meter will be halted until all the errors summoned do not appear on the screen and every continuous match is over.

Overdrive: Crimson Depths

Upon activation, his opponent will be cursed instantly with any of the curse gauges currently available, beginning the exhaustion of the curse gauge. While in the Overdrive, the curse gauge will exhaust at half its normal speed (even if the curse starts before activating it), extending the time the opponent is cursed. His Distortion Drives will also deal more attacks and deal more damage.

In addition to the curse, all moves of Drive double the amount of the normal curse when hit and blocked. Also, each Zero Vector’s curse cloud produced a curse at twice the speed of normal. If Arakune exits the Overdrive while the opponent is cursed, the gauge will run out as usual.

This overdrive is great for starting your game plan when you’re at a disadvantage. You can initiate the curse as long as the gauge isn’t zero. This can instantly gain momentum in your favor if you use Overdrive Raid. If you’re in the Overdrive while the curse is finished, it’s a lot easier to instantly rebuild the curse.

Drive Moves of Arakune

  • 5D: Difficult to use in today’s pre-curse combos, it works best when overusing its wallsplat for angle placement and as a relatively safe way to hit blocked opponents with a curse gauge. When hitting can lead to 3C to continue combining.
  • 1/2/3D: The hardest part of his Drive is its move to curse as it doesn’t mix with anything else except under extreme circumstances. Still a bit useful as a grounded partitioning tool to prevent running when used intelligently. The location of the spawning beetle can be changed to be closer or further away from Arakune depending on which direction is held. (1D is the same as the position of j.D, 2D hits between j.D and j.3D, and 3D hits at the position of j.3D. See diagram j.D below)
  • 6D: The headbutt spawned a curse-building bell-beetle that was floating down midair. If the hops are canceled with good timing it can be repeated between hitting the bell error, j.D, and returning to itself. Jump too soon and bullets won’t spawn. Useless as a deadly counter.
  • j.xD: Can target any of the 5 different positions on the ground compared to his position based on the input (j.4or1 / 2/3 / 6 / 5D), which is very suitable for both expanding combos and sniper enemy. When hit, kick the opponent into the air to combine. When used as a starter can incorporate into itself at different ranges with good timing.