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Learn About Azrael in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Azrael is a massive, heavy attacker. He must make good use of his teleportation moves to go around the screen and try to attack his opponent. His Drive gives him the ability to apply weaknesses, helps give his Drives and some additional properties to special moves. Once he entered, he had to use his jabs and various special techniques to apply a weakness.

Playstyle of Azrael


Azrael is an attacker who attacks his path so he can inflict great damage on his opponent with his Drive.


  • High amount of health.
  • Does it deal moderate solid damage (Consider weak point damage).
  • Deals massive damage without meters with Weakness.
  • A wide selection of matching options, e.g. general and low cost, well-grounded slash, and non-blocking scenario.
  • Has a great effect to get rid of the screen amid pressure.
  • Has a pretty good bulletproof move (Growler Field)
  • His high health and variety of options mean the opponent needs to respect his awakening
  • Bring great angles with the Valiant Charger combo


Large body, relatively slow personality (slow walking speed).

Struggles in the medium range

While his forward dash is good for the attack, it can be awkward to move with. Neutrality can be hard against characters and players can effectively localize.

Short pressures often fill holes and therefore fall into the proper use of Barrier and IB. Players can take advantage of the gaps with quick swings/moves.

No clock reversal can be configured low

Drive: The Terror

The attacks of his Drive reveal “weakness” when they hit the opponent. Weakness works in 1000F (about 17 seconds) before disappearing if not used.

  • Moving the upper weakness: 5D / 6D / j.D / 236D / 214214D
  • Move the weak point below: 2D / 3D / j.2D / 214D / 214214D

The revealed weaknesses don’t do anything on their own. However, using an attack that activates the same type of revealed weakness dissipates the weakness and increases the effectiveness of the move, opening up new combos. There is no limit to the number of times weaknesses can be revealed and consumed in a single combo, however the “weakness version” of each Drive attack has the same movement cycle, preventing loops. Deals a lot of damage.

Overdrive: Mind Colosseo

Drive attacks of Azrael and the weakness system get a number of incentives:

  • Weakness is revealed even on the block
  • He can now specifically cancel its Drive standards.

Weaknesses are not used up when they are activated, opening up more combo lanes to deal massive damage.

The weakness does not go away as long as the OD is working. If their timer runs out in the Overdrive, they will expire as soon as Azrael leaves the Overdrive

Drive Moves of Azrael

  • 5D: Fast Overhead that applies/consumes the above weakness. Can track on CH without weakness. Debugging with weaknesses. The land before it starts working, so it could lose a test throw. Use this move to keep the opponent off guard. With RC, you can apply a lower weakness immediately afterward.
  • 2D: Lower hits, lower weaknesses apply. Can track on CH without weakness. Slam hard with weak points.
  • 3D: A heel kick. This is your typical end/extension for BnB combos to get the weak / with the weak. One cost applies to the above weaknesses. Can track on CH without weakness. The ground bounces with weakness. On a neutral level, it forms a 50/50 Mixup with 3D but can be removed at the neutral level. Useful against passive opponents or if you have both a weakness and a kill point to work with. Used in tandem with 3D, it can surprise your opponents with its vague launch animation.
  • j.D: An aerial smash. This is your typical air combiner without weaknesses. With its weaknesses, it works as a combination of extenders. On top, apply the upper weakness and beat your opponent away from you. Throws to the ground with a weak spot in the air wobbles with a weak spot on the ground.
  • j.2D: A round house is horizontal, causing a knockdown, a wide range of intersections helps facilitate jumping in. On top, apply your lower weakness and defeat the opponent below you. Most of the time in combos you’ll use j.D instead, but if you have or want a lower weakness, this is something you would use instead. Throws to the ground with a weak spot in the air wobbles with a weak spot on the ground.