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Learn About Bang Shishigami in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Bang Shishigami

Bang Shishigami is a dashing character with a lot of different tools. His superb movement, nails, and maneuvers give him great options in a neutral position to squeeze himself or hold on to opponents. With Bumpers and FRKZ, Bang has a combination that is difficult to react to and leads to a well-deserved reward. However, when compared to other strong characters, Bang’s oki is quite weak, making him dependent on reading his opponent’s wake options.

Playstyle of Bang Shishigami

Bang Shishigami

Bang Shishigami excels at setting the tempo of the game with a variety of neutral tools and mobile options.


  • Good neutral and mobility: With lots of great movement options and neutral tools like spikes and obstacles, Bang can easily set the tempo of the game.
  • Powerful Overdrive: Bang’s Overdrive, FKRZ, is an incredible return tool through potential upgrades in damage, maneuverability, and mixed ability.
  • Good mixup game: Has access to a lot of mixing tools e.g. get ground and air commands, buffers for left / right matching, etc.
  • Absurd Damage and Corner Carry: When Bang Shishigami is well hit, he can easily perform combo attacks from shore to shore to take a large amount of life. He also has access to many of his side swapping options for validation.
  • Blows Up Stagger Pressure Bang’s Drive naturally checks the stun pressure


  • Very Techincal: Bang’s combos require good timing to pick up nails and perform well with his higher-level validation and pressure tools.
  • Lack of Meterless reversal: Bang does not have a true zero clock reversal, and only 6D has a 1 point guard frame. The wake-up drive attacks are also easy primers.
  • Lack of an Anti Air: 2D is the closest node that Bang has to the air defense. It functions, but not to the extent that a traditional impregnable air-resistant head.
  • Nail Economy: Bang’s hoof is extremely strong, but he has a limited amount per round. Without them, Bang couldn’t effectively cover the options.
  • Lack of Midscreen Crouch Confirm: Bang doesn’t have many ways to eliminate a crouching opponent without the middle screen.

Drive: Burning Heart

Bang’s Drive attacks have a unique, defense point frame for each Drive attack. However, none of Bang’s drive attacks throw protection, even after the Protection Point is activated. After successfully activating a Guard Point, a Bang can enter an attack button for different hits. Pressing (A / B / C) will use “Shadowstep Jutsu” to teleport forward at different distances before continuing to attack.

Pressing the D key will perform “Pulverizing Blast Jutsu”, creating a large blast that allows Bang to do a damage combo when hitting an opponent, or simply to relieve himself. Bang’s attacks are all “Very Short” triggers, meaning they will then have a limited number of combos.

For each single drive attack Bang Shishigami lands, an icon in the Gauge “Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan” will light up, increasing the damage done by 20% for that attack. Each seal supports its Overdrive in different ways. If all of the seals light up, all of Drive’s attacks are increased by 25% damage and Bang unlocks a Friv, Ultra-High Technique: “Hyper Shadowstep Strike”.

Overdrive: FuRinKaZan (FRKZ)

FuRinKaZan, formerly Distortion Drive, is now Bang’s Overdrive. It offers the same attributes as before when Bang lost blocking (however he still has Blocking abilities) in exchange for very strong movement options. He gets an 8-dimensional dash which he can cancel into normal and special for strong combinations and good combinations. Both Bang’s fire punches now hit the wall both in the corner and the center of the screen and his hits have nearly as many hit stuns as the counterattack.

Usually used to finish around, it is not used very often in neutral due to its relatively short duration compared to previous iterations. Bang Shishigami can also especially cancel most of his regular stats, giving him more combo options. The Bang Overdrive can be buffed by gaining different seals.

During Overdrive, any seal currently lit will allow the following boost:

  • 5D = Fu – Provides 4 Airdash in FRKZ and allows Bang to cycle through the characters in FRKZ.
  • 6D = Rin – Provides Bang with impregnable projectiles that look like teleports in the FRKZ.
  • j.D = Ka – Increases Bang’s damage by 20% for each attack in the FRKZ.
  • 2D = Zan – Makes all Drive full guard points in the FRKZ, allowing Bang to block while dashing and guard points can block attacks that cannot be intercepted.

When Bang activates his Overdrive below 35% HP, the old FRKZ super animation will play during the activation. While this is simply aesthetically simple, any system timer (meter/barrier boost or cooldown) will remain active during animation and any jump momentum pre-made. when OD activation will be canceled.

Drive Moves of Bang Shishigami

Bang Shishigami
  • 5D: While the 5D might look like a powerful ordinary one, to be honest, it doesn’t meet high expectations for air resistance or punishment. 5D does not protect High, only Mid and Low. The 5D has a good protection score almost at start-up and can be followed immediately by Explosion, resulting in a combination or leaving you safe when blocked. 5D’s explosive is useful and very reliable in that department.
  • 2D: One of the more commonly used normal moves is to track the explosion because it activates almost immediately if any attack is in the way. 2D has a good protection score and covers both the high and mid-range, but it doesn’t cover the low. Aside from the point of defense frame and others, 2D is one of the better Drive.
  • 6D: 6D is the only 1-point frame that Bang Shishigami has. Its disintegration was not very fast. In fact, you may be affected by it being unreliable. The 6D guard score covers the mid and low. While the tracking for the boom isn’t as strong, you can teleport forward or behind your opponent fast enough to follow in a short combo.
  • j.D: A key factor for many of the Stand / Top Not confirmed states, jD allows Bang to push his opponent to the floor (regardless of height), where he can track with a nail or another special object to hold. let his aerial combos continue. Although it is mainly used after 6C since this is the easiest place to bond to jD, if done early enough, jD can be combined into the word jC, allowing Bang to convert from odd angles. most in the air.