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Learn About Bullet in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Bullet is a mixed dive/grappler character capable of explosive damage and a single resource, Heat Up (commonly referred to as Heat). With at least one Level of heat boost, her attacks will gain new attributes. She can also choose to use Heat to track each of her specialties with a unique “Join” move. Though her damage is staggering, she has poor defense options and lacks powerful neutral tools to initiate her game planning. Smart resource management and good fundamentals are key to playing her effectively.

Playstyle of Bullet


Bullet is an exploding dive/grappler. She thrives when she can counterattack her opponent and create an advantage with Heat and take command.


  • Great damage in many situations
  • Has an excellent low profile
  • Solid pressure at close range with throw commands and frame traps
  • There are good annotation tools to test reckless approaches
  • Low execution requirements and easy to understand
  • Great return factor with Overdrive
  • Health above average makes transaction hits and scrap more viable


  • Dash has a very small barrier-canceling window, making it difficult to safely access mobile characters
  • Depends on opposing the opponent and fighting to get involved
  • It is difficult to achieve a temperature rise when there is an adverse event
  • Requires conditioning to risk most pressure reset
  • Weak defensive tools
  • Fight against defense system mechanisms like Barrier and Instant Block Barrier

Drive: Lock-On

By holding the D button, she creates an orange circle growing around her. If the opponent is inside this circle, release the D button to launch the Bullet at the opponent. If the opponent was off the ring, releasing D would cause her to leave her stance.

  • She is leveled with Heat Up whenever she lands with her Drive. On Heat Level 1 (H1) she has an orange silhouette, at Heat Level 2 (H2) she has a red silhouette. She starts each round with Heat Level 0 (H0)
  • The heat gain persists for 900 frames (about 15 seconds); The timer resets every time she reaches another level. Level up once you are in H2 reset timer.
  • She can use Heat to follow her special moves. These subsequent moves (known as Joining Moves) deal massive damage and open combo lanes.
  • All Drives attacks instantly generate Heat, meaning you can initiate a combo at Level 0 (H0) and still use an Engage in it.
  • In Heat, all Drive attacks deal more damage
  • Other moves that gain new properties in Heat are explained in their move descriptions.

Overdrive: Heat the Beat

Her Overdrive is relatively simple and versatile. When Overdrive is activated, she immediately gains Level. In Overdrive, she also gets the following attributes:

  • Bullet flies much farther.
  • Her heat gain is not reduced, even when using Engage
  • H2 Piercing Engage has different bounce properties.

You can use Heat The Beat to chase the zone, dealing high damage, to quickly gain Heat, or to make some confirmations impossible to explode. The heat it gives and its high damage ability make this Overdrive a great return factor.

Drive Moves of Bullet

  • 5D: Due to the slower start-up, it can no longer be used in most combos, and due to changes in frame advantage and block response from a blocked Drive attack, you should also not use it. it’s too often in neutral mode. You will still want to use the 5D at a neutral level sparingly just to make sure your competition doesn’t forget that you have this option.
  • j.D: j.D. There are many types of uses. Use it as a combination buffer to increase heat, capture motion, or to delay your downward dive and bait the air. Like all drives, you can cancel into special programs, supers, and Wadcutter Edge. j.D> OD> Rage Aggressor is a general round terminator. Depending on her height on the block, you can comfortably use normal air when descending. Not the safest option, but a good way to keep someone off guard. Frame advantage of j.D varies depending on the height of both characters.
  • 2D: Bullet jumps forward then sweeps through the opponent with his foot. This shares the same boot animation as the 6D, making it unclear that her option was selected. Though it’s slow and has great resilience when jerky, with the heat it plus when blocked and hit lead to massive screen damage in Heat 2 with Wadcutter Edge.
  • 6D: In addition to combos, this is usually used only after the opponent has the ability to block it. Start slowly and if your opponent notices, they can escape. However, its range and movement speed still give it some use. Use it for 6D / 2D high / low performance.