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Learn About Carl Clover in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Carl Clover

Carl Clover, Relius Clover’s son, is a student at the Military Academy along with Jin, Noel, Tsubaki, and Makoto. However, his academic career will not come true as Carl eventually dropped out of school to become a traveling cop. Together with his sister, Ada, whose soul is trapped in Nox Nyctores Nirvana, Carl goes out to look for his father to stop any plans he might hold on to.

Playstyle of Carl Clover

Carl Clover

Carl Clover is a puppet character with high execution requirements and high rewards in the form of an unlocked loop and high damage.


  • Strong and safe pressure
  • One of the best matching characters in the game
  • The actual settings can unblock
  • High damage with proper settings
  • One of the few characters that can be combined from their Counter Assault


  • Low life
  • Limited mobility options
  • Very dependent on Nirvana, especially on neutral and offensive
  • There are some of the highest performance requirements in the game

Drive: Automaton

Carl’s Drive revolves around controlling Nirvana.

  • Hold the D button to activate Nirvana, release the D key to deactivate.
  • While active, she can move forward by holding any forward / backward direction (including diagonal).
  • Nirvana will attack by releasing the D button while holding a direction or after completing inputs for one of her special moves.
  • Note that the directional input required for the moves is based on Carl’s current face, not necessarily Nirvana’s. Example: If Carl Clover is facing right and Nirvana is facing left, pressing D, entering 623, and releasing D will give you Con Brio, not Volante.

Nirvana has her own life bar. It drops while Nirvana is active, using an attack, or being hit by an opponent. Most of Nirvana’s attacks have a continuation cost, so if she uses another attack before it is neutralized, it will cost her extra life. If Nirvana’s life bar reaches 0, she will be neutralized and slowly heal, and cannot be used until her health is full (plus a small regeneration animation).

Unlike Distortion Drives and Astral Heat, Nirvana’s moves work independently of Carl, meaning Carl can freely move around while Nirvana is attacking. However, if Carl blocks or gets hit, most of Nirvana’s moves will stop and she will be ineffective, and she cannot be activated until Carl Clover recovers from the block or hitstun.

Overdrive: Synchro High Speed

Carl’s remarkable strength increases the strength of Nirvana. Nirvana recovers faster from her moves and many of her moves gain new attributes. Nirvana’s walking speed was also faster and her meter recovery speed was also increased. Carl also has access to a new deformation drive in the OD.

Drive Moves of Carl Clover

Carl Clover
  • 6D: Step away from your Nirvana. A simple, efficient, easy timer to fill gaps in your block chain. Causes a slide if the opponent is hit in the air.
  • 3D: Nirvana’s low attack, is used in conjunction with Carl’s overhead move to deliver unbounded attacks. Note that only the first hit is low.
  • 4D: Frametrap move, used to fish for counterhits. Grants fatal on counter hit.
  • 2D: Nirvana’s new move replaces her old aerial punch, which means Carl Clover now has less access to non-blocking settings but instead gets a very powerful combo that you can use to force your opponent.
  • 8D: The infamous clap, can no longer block, but still needs a barrier. Excellent resistance to air penetration. The duration cannot be changed, allowing for many different combos.
  • La Campanella: Teleports Nirvana to immediately after Carl’s position (Or right below him if Carl is flying in the air). Used to heal Nirvana when she is too far away and sometimes to reposition Nirvana in some combos. Can be used while Nirvana is in a hit stun state to prevent her from being killed easily.
  • Con Brio: Anti-air attacks spanning a large space must be contained in the air. The front damage is greater but quite expensive to use.
  • Con Anima: Nirvana runs forward with her arms raised, if she catches your opponent they will be smacked to the ground and not bounce back, meaning you need to use your throw animation time to put the carl in quick location. Unable to arrest the opponent in the air Unlike previous versions, this move can be combined and cannot be denied under any circumstances.
  • Con Fuoco: Expensive drilling covers a lot of horizontal ground and does a lot of damage, but is expensive to use.