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Learn About Celica A. Mercury in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Celica Ayatsuki Mercury is the younger sister of Konoe A. Mercury and the aunt of Kokonoe. She is one of the main characters in the novel Phase Shift and appeared as an NPC character in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma before becoming a playable character starting from BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend onwards. She is not a friendly fighter, and in combat, Minerva performs the majority of attacks and is also attacked and blocked when her opponent attacks her. This is also reflected in her healing animation, where she uses her healing magic on Minerva to restore her health.

Playstyle of Celica



  • Simple tools, combos, and game plans.
  • Has a significant amount of healing with Overdrive and Armure Sorbet, making it difficult for her to run out of time.
  • Average combo damage is relatively high (if not at full health).
  • Good ticking game with strong rewards.
  • Basic attacks make it harder for her to be pressured by jumping out, Blurred Jump, etc.


  • Bound for the lowest health.
  • Requires anemia, gauge, or angle for more damage combo.
  • Even though she has a wide variety of tools, she tends to be good at all trades, not proficient at all.

Drive: Minerva – Celica

By pressing the D button, she can perform combo attacks with her robot partner, Minerva; The chain goes into the warm-up, attack and end stages. Her Drive is used a lot in combos. During Drive attacks, she cannot block or move normally; therefore, when confirming a shot, it is very important to know whether the confirmation to the Drive chain is safe to play her well. While most of her other stats use Minerva to attack as well, only her driving movements actually limit recovery (see below).

If Celica is already at her maximum health, it is impossible to create a healing limit, preventing her from using the advanced properties.

Overdrive: Rege Light

While in the Overdrive (and not in the hitstun), she passively receives both HP and blue health. The longer Celica stays in the Overdrive without being hitstun, the faster her health increases. Additionally, her Distortion Armure Sorbet is significantly faster, allowing for healing between combos.

Unique Ability: Recovery Capacity

You can obtain Recovery Cap by using Drive attacks, or by defending opponent’s attacks with special moves Marteau Flan, Lance Quiche or Hache Rotir. This appears as a blue part of the hour status bar. You can then restore this blue blood by automatically switching to a recovery animation after using the third Drive track in a combination or by using the Armure Sorbet. Alternatively, you can use Recovery Cap to perform enhanced versions of the special moves mentioned earlier.

Drive Moves of Celica

  • 5D: Each Drive attack generates Recovery Cap on hit, starting at 100 HP for the first hit, 200 HP for a second, and 300 HP for all subsequent Drive hits in the combo. As of CF2, she can no longer be blocked during restoring moves on her Drive, making each blocked Drive very unsafe and very easy to reverse.
  • 2D: 2D (Starter) hits low and deals slightly more damage than 5D. See very little use; 5D is more optimized for ground combos and 6D is more optimized for finishing combos. 2D (Bridge) is also low but rarely used in combos other than maximizing damage from 3C 6D and then destroyed as Casque. 2DD will always leave gaps if used on the block.
  • 6D: The 6D (Starter) moves Celica forward and bends the leg and throws the invuln from frame 5 through the active frames. Staple combo ender as it allows for strong kills on air. The force crouched on the ground was hit, but could not be used without the use of meters or Overdrives. 6D (Bridge) is generally preferred over mid-5DD screens for corner carrying.
  • j.D (Starter): This move can be used to slow down the air momentum to lure enemies and as a fusion for combination attacks starting from 6B air defense or transforming air-to-air. If it does cross-attack, Drive’s next attacks will automatically correct on the opponent’s side, but not especially.
  • Drive Heal: New in CF is this auto-tracking after the new universal 3rd attack in a chain. It will heal any Recovery Cap you have accumulated. When used strategically, it’s great for regaining your health.