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Learn About Es in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Es is a pretty curvaceous character, with simple tools like a quick bullet and DP. Her unique mechanics involve her Drive and her Bors buff. Her Drive allows her to set up badges after certain attacks deal damage after a set amount of time. Her Bors powers give her the ability to use enhanced versions of each of her specialties. Her normal stats also have a staggering range she can use to safely dominate mid-range. In short, Es has a strong neutral game.

Playstyle of Es


Es is an all-around character with a bit of emphasis on projectile and zoning.


  • Control of space from most distances.
  • Able to perform full angle from multiple starts, overall performance is superb.
  • Get a lot of miles from Crush Trigger, for example, perform full screen and/or solid damage with vertices
  • Crests can allow you to keep your combinations plus the block and/or continue the pressure
  • The unique windsurfing arc opens up opportunities for interaction
  • One of the fastest runs in the game.


  • Has a limited mix as her collection glands are limited, cancels to special and the D button will always leave gaps or leave her vulnerable
  • Long recovery on ground nodes and there aren’t many ways to keep yourself safe if blocked, be careful about making too strong a mistake.
  • There are several character-specific match routes, advanced combinations that take some time to learn.
  • Output damage can be at a lower level without Bors or if you don’t use “advanced” routes

Drive: Crest Arts

After certain attacks, a “following image” appears – they are called Crests. Each Crest will activate after a set amount of time, like a delayed bomb. Crests are commonly used in combos, mixups, and okizeme. All her Drive standards have a Crest effect, while the special only has a Crest effect after using Boros.

Crests disappear if Es is hit, blocks the attack, uses a throw technique or if her opponent uses a throw technique.

Only one icon can appear on the screen at a time. So for example, if you place a crest j.D and then try to use an instant trigger like 5D or 2D before symbol j.D activates: the crest of j.D will disappear.

Boros gains power lost after Es uses a special with Crest effect or she is hit.

Overdrive: Amplifier “Avalon”

Her Overdrive is primarily used to end the round, as the Galahad buff with the increased minimum damage results in an excellent finish. If you’re in the corner, the Palamedes Summoner also lets you chain into a super double for extra damage (ex: 3C> 6D> Palamedes> Galahad). Overdrive has a number of other uses as well. Killing a distraction at the top of the ring and converting it into Overdrive will easily hit you with 4K damage and the possibility of full-screen cornering. If you are in low health, the increment timer on Percival may also function normally under some circumstances.

  • Provides extra hits for Crests.
  • Stable faster start-up, allowing her to mix with them.
  • There may be multiple crests on the screen
  • 632146D (Percival) lasts about 9 seconds instead of 7 (1/2) seconds. (This takes into account the max health, 623146D will decrease at a much slower rate as long as the OD is active)

Drive Moves of Es

  • 5D: 5D is primarily used as a common matching piece in her more extended combo routes, the 3C> 5D> 214 [B] loop is the most notable place you’ll see it in use. Also, although uncommon, the microdash 5D oki following mid-screen Mordred terminals can be a good way to catch no technology and those trying to delay the technology. It also passes many reversals.
  • 2D: 2D sees most of its use in her corner-to-corner carry combos because the 6C> 2D delay is a good way to bring the opponent almost full screen while staying close to continue the combo. It is also used in a variant of her angular matching routes, where you can do 6C> 2D> sjc j.2BB> (2D Crest Hits)> j.D as a composite part.
  • 6D: 6D sees most of its uses in corner combos in 6C> 6D> delay jc j.C> (6D Crest Hits)> j.D combo she always has. It is also used in some variations of the mid-screen combo
  • j.D: j.D is also pretty good for oki. The j.D attack itself can capture different technology options depending on the combinator. At the same time, the placed j.D Crest can be useful for resetting the pressure, limiting an opponent’s selection, or creating an instant safe/combinable j.C without a meter.