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Learn About Hakumen in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Hakumen is a defensive fighter with insane damage. His drive forces the cast into RPS situations they have to guess, even when they’re attacking. He also has a very diverse range of specials, with one unique point: He needs to spend heat in doing any of them.

Playstyle of Hakumen



  • 3rd highest amount of health.
  • There is one of the best Overdrives in the game.
  • Tran has high damage with Overdrive and a clock.
  • Long-range benchmarks act as excellent distance tools (4C, J.C).
  • Powerful tools to execute RPS situations at any time.
  • Can cut projectiles with his sword.
  • Many sugar combinations are available depending on the resource.
  • The counter can stop both ammo and ammo oki.


  • Poor mobility.
  • Heavily Overdrive reliant.
  • No attack / invincible with backlash; must be blocked in many situations where backwashing will take precedence.
  • Lots of route combinations are distance, height, or character-specific.
  • There are very few conventional biscuits and therefore the pressure is limited.
  • His main air reaction is slow and easily punished when sniffing.
  • The counter has a lot of recoveries and makes him vulnerable.

Unique System: Matagama

Hakumen has a unique clock system. His thermometer is divided into 8 “Magatama” stocks. The UI shows how much Magatama he has and his progress towards the next Magatama. He has always built Magatama and he has the clock to use his drive successfully.

Every special move and deformation loaf requires at least one Magatama to activate. Magatama is also used for common mechanisms such as quick cancellation at their equivalent cost, for example, 4 Magatama for instant destruction and 2 Magatama for Crush Trigger. He starts each round with one available Magatama.

Unique Ability: Projectile Cutting

Any attack by him using his blade can cut the opponent’s projectile. When successfully cut, he creates Magatama and creates an orb called Fuumajin. This ball lasted for a short time; During its time, it can absorb ammo and hit opponents on contact. Fuumajin is a good way for Hakumen to deal with the spoilers and slowly close the gap, while also creating a gauge.

Drive: Zanshin

Zanshin creates a barrier-like energy barrier that, when activated by an opponent’s attack, neutralizes the said attack and then with an invincible counterattack, but has can be blocked. If a physical attack activates Zanshin, the opponent is frozen in place, making the next impossible move. In addition, guard and trigger stations on either side of him, allow him to catch any cross.

This gives him an effective counterattack against many of the opponent’s options. In addition, many of his rules were canceled into his Drive. This makes Zanshin not only an excellent defense tool but also an offensive tool, against attacks that could exploit a vulnerability in his block chain.

As an added bonus, a successful catch with his Drive grants 1 Magatama, which can be used immediately for special cancellation if desired.

Overdrive: Kishin – Hakumen

Kishin significantly increased magatama reload speed as well as added additional attributes to its Distortion Drive. Using Overdrive with Kokūjin Oūgi: Mugen (Mugen) will freeze his thermometer. As simple as this Overdrive sounds, it’s easily one of the best in the game. It gives Hakumen the ability to use his specials much more freely, and his Overdrive combos deal extremely high damage.

Drive Moves of Hakumen

  • 5D: 5D can act as a fake air barrier. It combines into 236B, 623A, and can be OD canceled. It captures high or mid moves, but it loses lows.
  • 2D: A mid and low counter is active at frame 1, so can be used as a wake reversal, although the next attack can be slipped entirely depending on the hit boxes. When hit, it places the opponent behind him, useful for switching corners with the opponent. Costs. Just like the 5D, it combines into 236B, 623AA, and can be OD canceled.
  • 6D: Where 5D is a safer predictive move with a greater potential payoff, this is more like a reversal, which works within 1 frame but has a bad rebound. Like the 5D, it catches up with the highs and mids but loses to the lows. Sometimes used after 6A or 6B to catch puncture attempts. Mainly used when responding after an OD flash or against a slow cost. It can also be used against some IOH like Rachel’s 5B> 9jc J.2D J.A.
  • j.D: Anti-air and anti-air drive. Can be used during a fall or after an IAD to combat difficult moves. It was also an intelligence game engine after J.214A was blocked to prevent the enemy from using air defense. After that, J.D Hakumen was in the process of recovering until it landed. So using it in the air is a risky gamble. When hit, tt combines into J.2A or J.214C.