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Learn About Hazama in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Hazama is a unique attack character. With a cold personality and short casual features, he seems like a weak character. His Drive, however, gives him an incredible reach tool with some tracks. Combined with her stance and other specialties, he has a variety of tools to reach out and expand any character at his disposal. However, he needs to be careful with how he approaches, as his Drive is a limited resource and he lacks defense tools beyond the system mechanics.

Playstyle of Hazama


Hazama uses her unique set of tools to choose her approach from anywhere on the screen. Once in, he uses mix tools like take command and solid high/low mix with his unique stance.


  • Fast bullets cover many angles
  • Multiple motion options allow for different approaches
  • Solid matching tools: order grab, total stand, and low cost, block safety metrics
  • Stable, good damage conversion can be achieved from almost any attack
  • Very powerful Overdrive: adds a life special effect area and turns chains into effective close-range weapons


  • Most commoners have a fairly short range
  • Depends on the defense system mechanism
  • Gameplan depends largely on a resource that can be easily depleted
  • Very motionless without the aforementioned resources, no real dash, and pretty short flight speed

Drive: Ouroboros

Named after a snake that eats its own tail, his Drive is manifested as a stretched chain in the shape of a snake. He can cover a wide variety of angles and distances by firing a Drive move. Furthermore, at any point during the chain’s movement, Hazama can follow either by pulling off a chain (~ A) or using a snake head as an anchor point to shoot him around the stage (~ B, ~ C, or ~ D).

Most of the time, if the snake head touches the opponent, you can follow it by dragging in with ~ D and linking a normal air to convert into a combo. However, there are certain distances (which are different for each Drive move) where the chain will cause a minimal hit or stun, so you must be careful not to try and hit your opponent. is equal to the string near or in the “dead zone” of the particular string.

To prevent Hazama from being able to fly around indefinitely using her drive and stopping in time, his drive had a limited number of uses:

  • Maximum of 2 stocks
  • 180F cooldown to get back 2 shares after the last share is consumed
  • Cooldown pause while in the air
  • 2 shares get back when hit (but 0 shares get back on block) meaning the stock is essentially unlimited when actually hitting and matching his opponent
  • Inventories are consumed when used destroyed A, B, C, or D
  • All moves on his Drive add 200% more meter to the combo

Overdrive: Jörmungandr

When he enters the Overdrive, his chain limit is released, removing the aforementioned “dead zone” and changing all D series to their distal versions. He also gets a life-stealing ring covering a large radius around him, meaning anyone near Hazama will experience a gradual loss of health. The kill-ring does not exist while you are in the hitstun (i.e., chained) state. However, if you use Distortion Drive or Exceed Accel and run out of Overdrive during those moves, the ring will remain in effect until the action ends.

Drive Moves of Hazama

  • 5D: Not your best chain. Its scope, the launch of the “Far” version, and the angles it can cover are sub-criteria compared to things like j.D, so it’s mostly used as a combined extender. Can be zoned and approached like the rest, just not the best.
  • 2D: This sequence is great for dodge moves. 2D ~ D will launch you into the sky, and 2D ~ B will shoot you from side to side on stage.
  • 6D: After you’ve achieved this sequence, implementing Hungry Coils or 4D is a good idea. However, if the opponent is near the corner, you can always chain in and track some magic aura into the Shadow Serpent. Can also lead to a couple of j.C loops if confirmed correctly.
  • 4D: 4D ~ D after landing 5C or 2C on an opponent in the air, as this is your primary air defense confirmation chance. Usually used to add damage before finishing a combo with j.C> Shadow Serpent.
  • j.D: Good for opposing opponents on the ground or in the air. Can be used to keep an opponent away or to attack them.
  • j.2D: This chain has a deceptive horizontal tile, or rather, you wouldn’t think it would hit your opponent below you in certain positions to the left or right but it did.
  • j.6D: This chain is often used to approach/pressure an opponent on the ground. Like j.5D, it’s also one of your best mobile options.
  • j.4D: This chain can be used to catch opponents that are rushing at you and close enough where j.6D won’t hit its full potential or will hiss completely.
  • j.8D: Good runaway chain. Commonly used in combos when doing something like 4D> j.8D> Hungry Coils.