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Learn About Iron Tager in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Iron Tager

Iron Tager is an archetypal Grappler who uses powerful unstoppable grabs and point-and-shoot moves to deal high-damage combos. Despite his lack of maneuverability to take on opponents, Tager has the ability to magnetize opponents to pull them towards him, as well as open up various combination options for better damage.

Playstyle of Iron Tager

Iron Tager


  • Highest total health in the game
  • Really good close-range game
  • Huge comeback potential
  • Increases meter height on magnetically infected opponents
  • Poke at a high level for easy confirmation
  • Pretty big hitbox move
  • Backdash has many invincible frames, useful for getting out of nasty situations
  • Very effective at punishing and can do so that most characters cannot
  • Owning the fastest projectile in the game


  • Large gearbox, allowing for easy dimming / unblocking
  • Motion options are extremely limited
  • Have a hard time fighting the benders
  • Only ammo is limited and needs to be charged
  • Gameplay revolves around angled and magnetized opponents
  • Requires knowledge and a lot of patience to win at the high level
  • Magnetism can sometimes act against you, dragging enemies in to confirm an attack they might have whistled.

Drive: Voltic Battler

Iron Tager can magnetize opponents for a small amount of time by performing certain attacks when hit or blocked. If the opponent has been magnetized and hit by a magnetic attack, the stacking time (max 1000F).

The magnetic time normally drops at a rate of 1 point per frame, but if Tager’s opponent is in an under attack state, the speed is halved to 1 point per 2 frames (when they do well speed will return to normal). The lifetime of the magnetism does not decrease during the time of a super speed or collision.

When the opponent is magnetized, certain attacks will pull the opponent. Pulling/attracting an opponent isn’t always magnetic, and vice versa. Each attraction move is different and in different timing, and they can pull opponents in different air and ground. For example, the Atomic Collider strongly attracts opponents in the air but has absolutely no effect on standing or bending.

The forces are noted in the frame data. Attractive moves often start their appeal early in the start and end within active frameworks. Magnetic pull does not affect a player’s ability to perform moves as it doesn’t directly cause any type of hitstun, however, it can disturb distances and force players to land early. later than usual, causing some unpredictable and sometimes amusing effects.

Overdrive: Voltic Field

Unlike most other processes, Tager’s focuses more on taking advantage of the neutral time, with methods of applying and retaining much stronger magnetism. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t increase his combined damage, but this is limited to what canceling the drive excessively allows and significantly enhances deformation drives, rather than Conventional booster.

  • The magnetized opponent is constantly being pulled towards Iron Tager,
  • All normal drive moves achieve projectile protection points (As well as specific protection points attribute depending on the movement step)
  • The full Spark Bolt Gauge is four times faster
  • All moves that apply magnetism will apply the maximum amount when hitting or blocking

Drive Moves of Iron Tager

Iron Tager
  • 5D: Tager’s 5D is one of his more important tools. It is a useful casual item, can be used in combo moves, a long-range large slit punch, counter-fishing (trying to force a counterattack), sometimes also for frame traps and non-situation.
  • 2D: Dashes are absolutely not spamming. 2D is used in narrowing short distances and ending some corner combos, but its use is limited to punishing certain moves within intentional range, and can also dodge some the move cannot hit low or is susceptible to F elemental attack to score a very critical crit Counter.
  • 4D: Tager’s single quick drive move, commonly used at the end of the blockchain, and combos to add a little bit of magnetism and heal with them still very close. Can be used in some cases as an alternative to gadget fingers to force a technology earlier than they would normally expect and reset and sometimes the 4D can even be used in combination if you can hit them when they’re at Tager’s head height, but it’s tricky.
  • j.D: Tager’s J.D is a situational move that can be used to control airspace, but Iron Tager is often used throughout the game, so it is rarely used in this manner. However, getting a low counter-attack on a ground opponent gives you a huge advantage, making it possible to follow the Wedge Catapault or 6C for a very damaging combo.