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Learn About Izanami in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Hades Izanami is an immortal being, the embodiment of the god of death, and the true main villain of the BlazBlue series, as well as the former Imperator of Novus Orbis Librarium. Using Ragna’s sister, Saya, as a vessel, her goal is to reduce everything in the universe to nothingness.

Playstyle of Izanami



  • The ability to change modes between dashes and zoners allows for dynamic gameplay.
  • Floating capabilities provide unrivaled movement.
  • Part of her HP and Barrier Meter can be restored through her special move, the Love of Distance.
  • The Shield of Dreams can be used to receive free mixes for a short time.
  • Only really limited by who is playing her.


  • Below-average health.
  • High execution barrier.
  • Unorthodox mobility.
  • Misuse of her weapon and Shield of Dreams can easily become a responsibility if used incorrectly.

Drive: Sharin (Exodus Arc) – Izanami

Her drive is her weapon, three large triangular pieces hovering behind her, she uses them to intercept and perform various attacks. Izanami has two modes and can be switched by pressing the D button:

Her drive is her weapon, three large triangular pieces hovering behind her, she uses them to intercept and perform various attacks. She has two modes and can switch between them by pressing the D button:

Normal mode: In this mode, she has track access after C attacks by pressing C again, has access to j.2C, and can block normally.

Active Mode: In this mode, she activates her special unit, the Yasakani No Magatama.

  • She is capable of firing 2D, 4D, and 6D bullets. There will be a short recharge time before they reappear, during which no action can be performed that requires them to be present, even switching back to normal mode.
  • Drive’s special moves can be activated without the boot animation from her, allowing her to use them while performing other actions.
  • If Izanami is hit, the activation will immediately end (Meaning you will be able to block normally after finishing the combo with you).

Given that she needed her Sharin weapon for self-defense, if she was not in normal mode with sharin on her back for any reason, she would not be able to block, including the barrier and the instant block. This makes it important not to use her driver and some reckless special moves or let this weakness be compensated temporarily with Shield of Dreams.

Overdrive: Zekkai (Arc Force)


Once activated, her Exodus Arc immediately stopped any action and returned to her normal state, even while it was recharging. During the overshoot, Izanami has full control over the use of both modes’ abilities at the same time and shortens the reload time of her D attacks and special attacks.

She can also perform her D special moves during the attacks. However, there is a limitation that the weapon in her Exodus arc cannot do two things at the same time. So, for example, if you shoot then use 6D, you can’t use your next C attack or block until the projectiles disappear from the screen.

Unique Ability: Float

Unlike most characters, instead of jumping twice, pressing it up for the first time in mid-air will cause her to hover for a period of time (the higher that time falls, the higher the float gets activated). While in flight, she is able to use standard moves on the ground, special moves and even flying in the air. However, she couldn’t make a dance while floating, instead of trying to do so would simply end the floating state.

No matter how high it floats, any standing movement by Izanami can be stopped with any block. During this time, she is still considered to be flying in the air for the purposes of the player’s state-checking moves so that ground throws cannot hit her and her throws are only can hit opponents in the air. The hit finishes buoyancy and acts as an aerial strike.