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Learn About Izayoi in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Izayoi is the true form of the Sealed Armament: Izayoi that Tsubaki Yayoi assumed to gain the power of the Immortal Breaker. Turning her back on the darkness of the past, she picks up her sword to punish all crimes and seeks true light. This playable alternate form of Tsubaki starts with BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.

Playstyle of Izayoi



  • Good conversion potential
  • Flexible movement options
  • Incredible pressure and fusion in Gain Art
  • Powerful mid-range game in Normal Mode


  • Reliant upon stocks
  • Unorthodox standards and movement options
  • No normal head anti-air invul button (motion required DP)

Drive: Scarlet Justice

Her Drive lets her enter an alternate mode called Gain Art, which gives her a new dash, C-benchmark, special moves, and extensions to existing special moves. While in Gain Art, she gains immense coordination and pressure, as opposed to her normal mode of defense.

While Izayoi can freely switch between the two modes, using the special moves available in Gain Art requires the Zero Weave gauge, created using the special moves of the craft. normal level. These stocks are created regardless of hit (2 gainers) or block (1 gainer) and are the foundation behind Gain Art’s pressure and combos. Efficient use of the normal mode to generate stocks and the Art of monetization to spend them is the key to success!

Overdrive: Freedom Justice

Her Overdrive allows her to passively create, no matter what mode she is in. The number of shares created depends on the time exceeded. And like the other characters, her Distortion Drive becomes more powerful during the Overdrive as well. Justice Phorizer increases range and damage, while Slaver Trans-am lasts about twice as long. Overdrive also boosts her existing Gain Art special powers, opening up new combos and pressures.

Drive Moves of Izayoi


  • Change from Gain Art to Normal Mode or vice versa
  • Mode Switch on 11F

The 5D and 2D appearances are a bit similar, but there are 2 main things that might make you want to use one over the other. First, the gearboxes are different. 2D creates a longer horizontal gearbox and 5D is a longer vertical reducer. This also works with mode change combos, where you can increase your frame advantage in D saber combos by moving your opponent’s damage reduction box in a certain way by standing or crouching.

This is mailbox specific, so get messed with it! Second, the 5D cuts off all of the basic momentum, and 2D preserves it, meaning a Mode Change combo to a pickup would prefer to use 2D dash to close the space or maybe even 5D to keep.


  • Change from Gain Art to Normal Mode or vice versa
  • Mode Change on 11F

Slightly more useful than 5D or 2D, jD falls between these two in terms of their characteristics. Because it stops momentum to some extent, you can use it to stop in the air and plunge normally.

Distortion Drives of Izayoi


Justice Phorizer

  • Costs 50% of heat
  • Cooldown of Thermo-meter 180F
  • 1-15 All Invul
  • 20% Minimum Damage
  • Can be destroyed on Mirage Thruster (D) for 2 Zero Weave stores when hit, blocked, or heavily hit (OD only)

Her inversion gauges, boast a superb horizontal hitbox. Superfast start-up, great windows, and lots of invincible features. As for CFs, it’s easy to get punished when blocked, so be extra careful when using it when waking up.

In Gain Art, it can be canceled as D Mirage Thruster on hit, resulting in a short combo that deals damage. In Overdrive, Justice Phorizer receives immutable range (almost full screen), immutable damage, and duration along with wallsplat properties.

Slaver Trans-Am

  • Can only be activated in Gain Art. But Gain Art can be turned off and on afterward as usual if desired.
  • The timer usually lasts 6 seconds but halves the speed during speeding.
  • In Slaver Trans-Am of Izayoi, any normal attack will attack with shield shards. In particular, universal deformation and mechanical movement (Except Counter Assault) do not trigger bit attacks.
  • The shield bits will only attack if they have fully recovered from any previous attacks.
  • Bit attacks work as soon as they move but need around 10 frames to reach full distance to hit your opponent
  • Bit attacks only start when the normal move that triggers it works. For multiple hits, attacks start only when the last attack takes effect.
  • Interrupting normal movement in any way before the attack bit will stop the attack.
  • Bit attacks have 100% P1 and P2, meaning they will always increase the combined damage when used.