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Learn About Jin Kisaragi in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Jin Kisaragi

Jin Kisaragi is a Major in the NOL and one of the elite commanding officers. While known for his calm and composed demeanor, he is also jealous, ambitious, and possessive with little regard for others, treating them as if they were mere obstacles. After the events of Chrono Phantasma, he began working with Trinity Glassfille to stop Terumi and Izanami once and for all.

Playstyle of Jin Kisaragi

Jin Kisaragi

Jin Kisaragi is a good surrounding character with mechanics that will be familiar to those who have played more traditional fighting games.


  • Strong and safe pressure.
  • High average damage.
  • Can confirm pretty much anything into damage combos, especially when he has 25 Heat.
  • Get access to different reverse options, including two reverse DPs and one super counterattack (Yukikaze).
  • Great overdrive gives him plenty of reset opportunities.
  • Effective zoning game with powerful projectiles and jabs.
  • Straightforward personality with low enforcement barrier.


  • Depend on resources; Heat and/or Overdrive required to get the strongest combos and reset.
  • The weak high-low matching game without at least 25 Heat.
  • Count on penalties and frame traps in the absence of powerful matching options.

Drive: Frostbite

Frostbite allows Jin to freeze his opponents, allowing for expansion combos and unique rebooking opportunities. As a basic rule, standard Jin’s Drive can only cause the first freeze in a combo and he can use his Commando EX to freeze further.

EX Specials of Jin Kisaragi

Jin has access to a variety of special moves that consume 25% of the heat, similar to Force Breaks from Guilty Gear AC.

  • All of Jin’s EX Specials freeze their opponents and have a Freeze Count 10, effectively bypassing the Freeze Count limit.
  • If Jin Kisaragi tries to attack the 25% Heat requirement without having enough gauges, the non-EX version will be made instead (for example, entering 623D with 10 Heat will cause Jin to perform 623C).
  • All EX Specials activate Heat cool down for about 3 seconds (180F) when used.

Overdrive: Frost End

Frost End is Jin’s Overdrive. In the Overdrive, all of Jin’s normal and special swords freeze his opponent; Jin’s basic attack freeze limit has been changed; and especially Jin’s EX has additional attributes (flush, wall, etc.).

  • Normal swords (5C, 2C, 3C, 6C, j.C, j.2C) will now freeze opponents and have a 3 freeze limit.
  • Conventional drives (5D, 2D, 6D, j.D) have a limit The amount of extended freeze is 3.
  • Special moves now freeze opponents and have a 5 freeze limit.
  • Conventional drives (5D, 2D, 6D, j.D) take more frames and freeze for a longer time.
  • Most EX Commandos have better effects when hit for combined extensions, and take up heat cooldowns.

Due to these new attributes, Jin Kisaragi can use Overdrive to do as much non-explosive damage as most characters or to reset with Freeze.

Drive Moves of Jin Kisaragi

Jin Kisaragi
  • 5D: It has a large hit box that makes this a good slot poke tool but it’s relatively slow and has quite a bit of resilience. Can be specially canceled. 5D> cancels the dash -6 [± 0] on the block.
  • 2D: The range and hit box are pretty good making it seem appealing to use as a gap generator, but if you spoil this, you’ll definitely be punished. It has a bit of a frame advantage so it can be used to reset pressure, but the movement requires distance with the opponent in exchange for a single small frame advantage that leaves it somewhat limited.
  • 6D: It has a huge vertical hitbox but it boots surprisingly slow. It is very active on the block so it can be used for pressure reset over time and is also a general-purpose oki tool. Jin’s best driving move in P1 / P2 to start a combo.
  • j.D: It attacked all around Jin so it could be used as a high-risk obstacle with the IAD. Primarily used as a sub-mix, connecting it in an air mix will revive and rival.
  • Hishousetsu: 236D is a very versatile way to use 25 meters. It sets up damage combos in the center of the screen and in the corner, it resets the pressure very well (especially when 6C off, in case of an airtight cancellation and Jin Kisaragi is moved forward) and it has may allow continued pressure after unsafe normal pressure options such as jD 6C, 3C, etc. at the same time automatically confirm.
  • Hirensou: Your forthcoming reversal. As a VS starter, you can only confirm it to the screen between 3C> 214B ~ C. The 2nd hit becomes unstoppable and the Death Counter if you charge it long enough.