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Learn About Jubei in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Mitsuyoshi, also known as One-Eyed Twin Lotus, and more famously Jubei (both names taken from the historical Yagyū ‘Jūbei / Jūbē’ Mitsuyoshi), is one of the Six Heroes and also Konoe’s husband. and Kokonoe’s father. He fights the Black Beast alongside Hakumen, and is known to be the “most powerful creature on the planet”; He’s so popular that, through genetic engineering, he’s also the ancestor of the Kaka race.

Playstyle of Jubei


  • Excellent maneuverability can be further enhanced by Fudō: Sharenjin.
  • Excellent ability to punish with drive attacks or quickly rush away
  • The kit includes a powerful matching game with a variety of ways to open everyone’s heart. Has access to the crossroads of the ground and the air.
  • His short dash height allows him to lower certain attacks and multiple projectiles.
  • Almost all of his moves push him forward, making it easy to deal with Barrier and Immediate Barrier
  • Solid and mixed pressure and okizeme stability.
  • Great corner carries potential with Fudō: Sharenjin.


  • Heavily momentum-based.
  • Stubby normals.
  • Always in a crouch, making him susceptible to attack by dedicated high-damage crouching combos at all times.
  • There is no external inversion to the mechanical system.
  • Damage is faint without confirming install or already in install state.

Drive: Shiranui – Jubei

Similar to Taokaka’s driving, he made a quick dash at his opponent and slashed them along the way. This attack will always place Jubei on the opposite side of his opponent when hit successfully.

  • Hit with a steering swing that marks his opponent with a black cross for a few seconds, known as the Shiranui Mark, causing his Frieze drives to shift behind the opponent before starting the attack and deal additional damage.

Upgraded Drive: Shiranui Hagane

After activating Fudō: Sharenjin, his drive was replaced with this upgraded version.

  • Pressing D in this state will put him in a state where he hovered in place for a short time.
  • Press one direction and one of the attack buttons in this state will generate 4 reference point markers in a pattern based on the direction and button you pressed. He will then perform a teleport attack between each person in order.
  • Since it can accelerate and deliver great portability, activating this upgraded drive as early as possible is a common tactic among players.
  • This setting is a one-per-round trade: once it is activated it cannot be deactivated and never expires. Experienced Jubei players should consider the cost of giving up on their default Drive, which has its advantages.

Overdrive: Rakan: Gorinkō

The steering has a quicker start.

  • Removed the one-time use limit for upgraded Drive attacks.
  • Non-upgraded drives trigger a second hit on the block as well as a hit, keeping them safe on the block and adding a Shiranui Mark.
  • Improved damage for Disc deformation along with other characters.

Unique Ability: Being Small – Jubei

More than just a joke, his small size means the game considers him to be in a state of bow even when standing during certain interactions.

  • All standing attacks against him are considered stoop attacks, thus subjecting to two additional frame shots.
  • Without affecting the ability to block, Jubei still had to block the attack from high and low range as usual.
  • Moves coded hard to overlook a crouching enemy, such as Taokaka’s command-pitch, Distortion Drive, could still hit his standing.
  • His bent down only slightly reduced the size of his pain box compared to his already small standing pain box. The only sign that he is cowering is that his stance is different in terms of appearance.
  • An opponent’s number 5A may screech if he is standing, perform 5A, bend over and/or do 2A; hence asking those characters to use 2A or 5B attacks is usually a bit slower

Unique Movement Options

He has a few other unique movement tricks that give him great ways to get around opponents. All of these movement options are used together making him an extremely maneuverable and slippery character in the hand.

  • His running animation puts him to the ground extremely low and can run underneath some surprising moves.
  • Whenever Jubei ran into his opponent, he would cancel into a side jump with his opponent. Holding 3 while running will prevent this.
  • Additionally, he can enter a 9 while running to jump a short distance off the ground, allowing him to easily exert immediate pressure with his j.A and the pressure from jump attacks.
  • He has a dash ‘dash’ command that can be activated by undo a step then pressing forward in any direction.
  • He can enter anything during a quick glide except he can’t normally block. However, he can, Barrier Block and it will maintain his momentum, slide him forwards to move forward efficiently and safely.
  • While he is fast, the following attacks also hold most of the forward momentum: 5A, 2A, 2B, 3C, 214B, or 214C. These attacks will slide or even launch him across the screen while attacking.
  • The fast rush momentum can also greatly expand his super jump range. Jubei can even deft by jumping super backward, looking like a normal straight jump, and then doubling forward with that momentum.
  • He also has two special aerial moves (j.236D and j.214D) to help the opponent to guess, retreat to safety, or force the opponents to be attacked. Although they are in Counter Hit state while active.