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Learn About Kagura Mutsuki in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Kagura Mutsuki

Kagura Mutsuki is a general in NOL and the head of the Mutsuki family of Duodecim. He realizes the terrible state of the world under the rule of the Intruder and seeks to change the way the NOL works from within.

Playstyle of Kagura Mutsuki

Kagura Mutsuki


  • Massive, sweeping normals
  • Health and damage are above average
  • Stance cancel offers complex mix and mind games
  • Almost all combos can end with an okizeme fireball
  • Having at least one move for each attribute’s invulnerability, allowing him to essentially invoke any move from a foreseeable opponent.


  • Very poor mobility
  • The fastest pokes have a pitiful range
  • Special moves and distortions cannot be performed in response, each move must be planned by charging or performed from another, causing him to perform poorly in chaotic situations.
  • Very momentum-based. He will either decisively rob a match, or be hopelessly blown up.
  • Nearly all high damage combos should be in the corner
  • Arguably the worst mid-range game on the entire list. The characters with strong legs made it difficult for him
  • Fight against quick mingled characters (Taokaka, Valkenhayn, etc.)

Drive: Black Gale

Kagura’s Drive allows him to enter three different poses. Each stance comes with its own unique movement set that can be strung together once in a row (5Dx> 2Dx> 6Dx). When a stance is used in the D series, it cannot be used until it exits the stance (5Dx> 2Dx> 5Dx is inactive).

Overdrive: Infinite Coupling

The Overdrive significantly increases Kagura’s damage ability.

  • Removed the limit of the destructive stance in the attack chain D
  • Can cancel all C and D attacks except 3C
  • The 5DC shot upwards instead of behind
  • 6DC slipped the opponent across the screen
  • 2DC causes an irreversible collapse
  • 1236C received an additional follow-on attack
  • 28D deals more attacks and damage

Drive Moves of Kagura Mutsuki

Kagura Mutsuki
  • Stance: Kagura Mutsuki takes a pose in frame 1. Each stance (5D, 2D, and 6D) has a maximum of 3 attacks + her powers. Any stance can be quickly demolished. All stance attacks can be destroyed from a different stance (5D ~ A> 2D ~ A> 6D ~ A) with up to 3 sequences (except Overdrive), in any order.
  • Dragon Blast: Kagura threw her sword and punched it at her opponent. Can be canceled into the forward dash or back dash on hit/block.
  • Dragon’s Claw: Next up was Kagura performing a spinning kick in mid-air at her opponent. Destroying the drive would put Kagura in a midair position.
  • Dragon Slaughter: Kagura jumped from a crouch and slammed his sword to the ground, which could be used to defeat low/long-range mixtures due to being impenetrable for the two for most of the warm-up.
  • Dragon’s Blade: Kagura Mutsuki uses her sword to glide and attack her opponent. The first attack is low and allows for subsequent combos by RCing the first attack.
  • Dragon’s Dual Strike: Kagura attacked upwards and then attacked down. The first attack hits the middle and the vacuum and the second hit is the low range and hits a little farther.
  • Dragon’s Fang: Kagura lunged forward and swung her sword at the opponent’s feet. Mid turn. The warm-up depends on the distance with the opponent.
  • Dragon’s Mirage: Kagura passed her opponent and attacked them from behind. Overcoming. Often used as a means of switching sides between combos.
  • Sky Dragon’s Strike: Kagura Mutsuki threw her sword towards her opponent. Blows back on hit, but can be tracked at an angle with a variety of steering movements, especially 2D ~ C and 2D ~ B.