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Learn About Kokonoe in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


A genius scientist under “Sector Seven” against Librarium, and creator of Tager. Kokonoe leads a campaign to rescue Hakumen, who has fallen into the dimensional dimensions. While the two tolerated each other, to follow Hakumen’s sudden actions, she sent Tager away. She continued her research to defeat Yuuki Terumi.

Playstyle of Kokonoe



  • Good finishing with lots of options and good attack for most situations.
  • Gravity is a very open tool because it are used for just about anything, such as expanding combinations and pressures.
  • Deals amazing damage both with and without resources, with her Golden Tager combo that can kill opponents instantly.
  • Huge vertical jets can be delayed to bait the delayed air planes.
  • Highly portable with quick dash and track teleport to your currently active Graviton.
  • Great setplay with combinations and frames, along with devastating setplay in the corner.
  • Small pain relief boxes (especially when crouched), with a variety of low and low movements to the ground.
  • Combos of Kokonoe are very liberal coupled with excellent angle carry, with distracting blows that easily turn into combos.


  • Below Average Health
  • No meterless reversal
  • Gravity can work against you if used carelessly, by moving the opponent away from the combo or in your face.
  • Exhausting Gravitons will lock you away from most of your combos, setups, and one of your most important neutral tools.
  • Highly reliant on space to place traps and can be interrupted in the middle of her slower attacks.

Drive: Graviton

Her Drive summons a Graviton on the field that attracts an opponent and objects towards it like a magnet. Similar to Tager’s magnetism, ground opponents cannot be lifted off the ground by a graviton and experience greater drag to its motion than when they were backbones.

Kokonoe herself is usually unaffected by Graviton, although some moves use its location to change their attributes. The most notable change it causes is her Fire Cage (214A / B / C), capable of changing its trajectory. When a Graviton is summoned, it will stay on the field until it expires after a specified amount of time, she activates it with 236D / draws it by 214D, or the opponent confirms a hit on her. There is only one Graviton that can be on the field at a time.

The first two symbols represent the readiness of Banishing Ray (22A / B) and Flame Cage (214A / B / C) since you can only make one out of each move on the field at a time. When the corresponding scroll is displayed on the screen, its icon will be grayed out. You can use the gesture again when the icon lights up.

The third icon and the number next to it refer to your Gravitons repository. You start a battle with 9 Gravitons and will use up one each time you summon one. Graviton recovers slowly over time, but using Graviton will decrease its recovery time and cause you to lose your next Graviton recovery. In fact, the limit of gravity is negligible – it seems to exist to prevent evasion tactics and other delaying strategies.

Overdrive: Graviton Rage

Her Overdrive will power her Graviton greatly:

  • Her Graviton’s pull will become much stronger than her normal suction power (this would allow her to do something like 3C> 5D> 5B> 5C> Solid wheel without being able to with normal Graviton). Her projectiles like Flame Cage, Flaming Belobog, and Solid Wheel will be pulled much faster than the regular Graviton.
  • Stronger traction will mess with most of her non-OD combos, though, that use Gravitons, so keep that in mind.
  • Her gravitons will deal more damage than the basic ones.
  • Her Graviton reload speed will become much faster, and the recharge timer won’t pause whenever she uses Graviton in a combo (It will be slower than her pepper overdose standard, but she will still get it back once or twice after making a combination with them). This basically allows Kokonoe to replenish her Graviton while dealing damage.
  • Her Graviton will last longer in Overdrive (6 seconds compared to 4 seconds that a normal Graviton would be outside).

Drive Moves of Kokonoe

  • Summon Graviton: The position where the Graviton is summoned depends on the direction held and the corresponding display area. Without the directional input, she summons the Graviton right in front of her. Gravity is used to mess with an opponent’s distance as they try to approach you, forcing them to try to keep themselves in it which will lead to more loopholes for Kokonoe to take advantage of.
  • Activate Graviton: Primarily used as a means of controlling space, as it forces the opponent to leave the Graviton at high speed. However, this move only attacks opponents if they are in a hit state, and therefore cannot be used to activate.
  • Retrieve Graviton: This move can be great if you are using less Graviton and you don’t want to waste your current Graviton, as deactivating Graviton will shorten the recharge time between stores.