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Learn About Mai Natsume in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Mai Natsume

Mai Natsume is the main character of the BlazBlue: Remix Heart manga, its sequel is Variable Heart, and two side stories in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend. She was a classmate and friend of Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, and Makoto Nanaya during her time at the Military Academy. Mai is the vessel of the Nameless Reaper and was once the host of the Intermediate Reaper. She will debut as a playable DLC character in the console version of BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

Playstyle of Mai Natsume

Mai Natsume


  • Very Beginner Friendly
  • Great reach.
  • Amazing corner carry.
  • Good overall damage.
  • Can get massive conversions from almost every hit.
  • Low skill levels – simple input and easy combos.


  • Variable Arts can be very jarring to adjust when coming from other characters.
  • There is no real clock reversal.
  • May try to regain motivation when pressed or under pressure.
  • The combination is well documented and linear. Must play smart to open everyone.
  • A small selection of moves to use in a neutral position, most of Mai’s regular moves require making one or two other moves first.

Drive: Gallia Sphyras – Exseal

Mai Natsume throws a spear for her Drive attack. Having a posture before the initial pitch allows one to control the direction it is thrown using the club. Even if the spear doesn’t hit her opponent, Mai can make the spear stab into her opponent by pressing Drive again.

Overdrive: Flurry of the Winter Moon

Mai’s Overdrive shortens the charge time to keep the tip of her spear unhindered as well as having the spear hit twice. All releases from Juncture and Moon Blossom are always fully charged versions.

Unique Ability: Variable Arts

Mai’s basic ground attacks each have different follow-ups depending on the buttons used. These follow-ups are given even out of the blue and give her more flexibility in her crime.

Drive Moves of Mai Natsume


Entering 2.5 or 8 will change the trajectory of the spear. While charging keeps it from being blocked can also be done in the air though it only takes a little time. After charging, Mai Natsume threw her spear in the air. Charging time is nearly halved in Overdrive.

Direction Change

  • Losing the unbounded properties of the charger when using change direction
  • There are 2 attacks in Overdrive

Redirects the tip of the spear to the opponent’s current position. Used very often in associative strings as an extender or as a method of partitioning.

Distortion Drives of Mai Natsume

Mai Natsume

Floral Blizzard Blossom

Mai’s meter reversal. That said it’s not very good. It’s unreliable to get rid of pressure because the move has only defense points and doesn’t have true invulnerability until after super speed, which means the opponent can only grab you from the attack. If they react fast enough, most of all, it’s very unsafe to be blocked. It can be organized to try to lure the opponent into pressing another non-adjustable button before super-zoom, but this is risky.

Sylvan Hurricane Assault

Go straight up, then down your opponent. Not a real reversal because invul starts on frame 4. Mainly used as a terminator. She can also use it to switch sides manually, so beware of any crossovers.