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Learn About Mu-12 in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Mu-12 is the true form of Noel Vermillion after fusing with True Azure through Terumi’s ambition to destroy Master Unit Amaterasu, and wipe the world from its existence. Due to his influence, she believed that the world was nothing but lies.

Playstyle of Mu-12



  • Does solid damage on average.
  • Has a great backdash.
  • Many anti-air options.
  • Great range on her pokes
  • Has a pretty high DP along with a full set of defense tools, making it difficult for her to lock.
  • An outstanding partition game allows for dominant neutral control.
  • Setplay oriented with strong kills, okizeme, and corner coordination


  • Tied for lowest health in the game
  • It is difficult to play to the best of her ability without knowing the timing of the controls for pressure and improvisation matching.
  • Requires good use of steins for pressure
  • Some tools are indirect or have a vague application in most matches.
  • Stein hits can sometimes interrupt your own pressure and combination. This can be minimized with discipline but sometimes it’s out of your reach.

Drive: Steins Gunner

Steins Gunner projects an energy button (Stein) to the targeted position. Steins have a period of “heating” before they burn, and will stop heating if µ is damaged or block.

However, when the stein has finished heating up, it will ignite and cause most of the exchange/loss attacks. Stein can also be charged by holding the Drive button during Stein projection. The charged Steins take a long time to heat up but have more powerful rays. Steins are also used for two of µ’s special attacks and one of her attacks; Totsuka, Kuninotokotachi, and Yata no Kagami will be detailed in the next section.

It is important to note that all Stein actions can be aborted to Special, Motivation, and Jump and if applicable, a Grade C Criterion. Mastering the timing of your cancellation and change options is crucial to success with character in general.

Overdrive: Steins Geiser

All attacks related to Mu’s Drive become much stronger.

Drive Moves of Mu-12


Ground Ds

Ah yes, steins. Without the surname, Mu-12 wouldn’t be … good Mu. As mentioned above, steins fire a laser after a predetermined amount of time after deployment. The laser travels about half the screen from the steins before disappearing. Then, the stein will still appear on the screen for use with her 2 specials and one of her deformed ones. It is possible to put up to 4 of them at once with any of them that will remove the oldest stein.

Charged Ground Ds

Same as above move, except for the following differences:

  • Stein shot takes longer, but now full-screen laser shot, higher damage.
  • Mu-12 animates over a slightly longer period, thus repelling the earliest frame you can destroy to something.
  • Longer warm-up times also result in stein targeting for a longer time.
  • This electrically charged laser is something that all steins placed in the OD will fire off without any of the above-mentioned penalties/differences.

Air Ds

Air steel is a slightly more situational substitute than ground steel. Like terrestrial steins, they can be canceled to all of the same things, including jumping as long as you haven’t performed aerial action. Special applications for these things that ground steel cannot do include the use of air momentum suppression as bait for anti-air missiles and J.2C fines and in combo to both gain momentum and force more J.2C. Destroy one J.2C to an air stein.

Charged Air Ds

Like air steel, but with all the balances and differences mentioned in the ground stein section is charged.