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Learn About Naoto Kurogane in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Naoto Kurogane

Naoto Kurogane is a ferocious plunge character backed with high damage and high-pressure options. With enough moves, Naoto can convert most attacks into massive damage and absurd angle carry. His DP is also one of the best roaming players in the game. Though he lacks far-reaching standards compared to many of the actors, the Drive and dashes special enhancement allow him to quickly close the gap with his opponents.

Playstyle of Naoto Kurogane

Naoto Kurogane


  • Endorsed by the Wu-Tang Clan
  • Strong and consistent damage output
  • The chances of taking corners and swapping sides are very good
  • The ability to move well with fast surfing speed
  • Good pressure tools at high cost can lead to anywhere damage, strong cross overpotential, and good metrics
  • Solid defense options with great DP, excellent super reversal, and air resistance
  • The 5A counter deals the most damage in the game


  • Short-range outside attacks Drive and Divine Smasher
  • Lack of ammunition can pose a challenge to neutrality, especially for those who steer
  • Performance requirements are above average

Drive: Bloodedge – Naoto Kurogane

Naoto’s Drive allows him to turn his blood into a melee weapon for longer-range attacks. Naoto can charge them for extra range and instill them with the Guard Break attribute. While charging, Naoto Kurogane can cancel to act as an attack.

Overdrive: Blood Repulsor

Naoto’s Drive attacks are much faster, and his Enhancement ability will be buffed. Additionally, his hair and eyes will turn white and red, respectively.

Unique Ability: Enhancer

If Naoto Kurogane performs special moves or super moves while dashing, they’ll receive a blue silhouette and new attributes (eg more attacks).

Performing ground standards during run/dash and castling special / super will give it the Enhancement attribute.

In Overdrive, this effect is expanded and you can run> Standard 2> Special / Super Booster.

Drive Moves of Naoto Kurogane

Naoto Kurogane
  • 5D: Attack opponent with a blade of blood. Mainly used for corner combos. The long boot is ideal against players who abuse lackluster protections. Use with caution, skilled opponents will use reverse or OD after 5C if it is not used arbitrarily. Hyphen cancel should be used on any assertion that is not A hit to move to 6623C 5A 2C rekka.
  • 2D: Attack opponent with a blade of blood. Similar to 5D, but hit low instead. This move gives Naoto the most options in corner kicks. Turning off 2D at the corner, you can do 214A> dc> en214A for a solid cross-phase, and even make a 2B crossover or another en214A crossover into the Phantom Pain. The charged version causes a wall strike with air.
  • 6D: Naoto created a blade of blood and pointed upward, slashing with a high diagonal range. 6D is a staple in combos, often leading to high damage in use. CH 5C / 2C> 6D will lead to strong damage anywhere on the screen.
  • j.D: Naoto aimed down with a blade of blood. Has decent horizontal and downward ranges. Good for combos. The charging slows the Naoto Kurogane down so it can be used as bait for air defenders, and when fully charged, the horizontal range is enormous. Leads to a good match if set at the right distance and is a good overall tool for many purposes. The charged version causes ground touches when hitting the ground.