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Learn About Nine the Phantom in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Nine the Phantom

Konoe Ayatsuki Mercury, commonly known as Nine the Phantom, is a witch, one of the Six Heroes and one of the Ten Sages. After her supposed death at the hands of YĆ«ki Terumi, Konoe mysteriously appeared as Hades Izanami’s servant under the pseudonym Phantom.

Playstyle of Nine the Phantom

Nine the Phantom


  • Partitioning games are strong due to the size of rules and magic
  • Many okizeme options from spells
  • The dash moves are quite flexible: potentially impregnable and can be used twice in any direction
  • Strong and consistent transformation away from rules and magic


  • Very limited movement outside of teleportation
  • Defense options are not reliable
  • Fight with the opponent to dance happily
  • High and large hurtbox

Ability: The Abyss Diver

Unlike other characters, Nine the Phantom does not own Drive. Instead, her D button works in tandem with her basic attacks.

Nine’s basic attacks are adjusted to specific elements: A for Water, B for Wind, and C for Fire. When her basic attack is hit/blocked by an opponent, she will receive energy for that element (Illuminated with glowing colored “ribbons” behind). Press D to use a spell with all your energy.

Nine can save up to three energy – getting a fourth will clear the oldest. Different combinations of mana will give different spells (20 total!). Each spell is determined by the amount of mana each person has, not the order in which they are obtained.

Nine has two positions: Operations and Stocks. The Acitve slot is where she stores her mana, and the Stock slot is a spare slot where she can store mana from the Active Slot through the Seamoss Gate.

Overdrive: Burning Red

Normal Nine the Phantom will receive energy even when unconscious. She also receives an elemental buff when she uses a spell similar to Flax Nurture’s buff.

Unique Movement: 4-Way Teleport Dashes

Nine’s movement is unorthodox: instead of running or launching in the air, she has a teleport that can be canceled into a second teleport. The second teleport can go up / down / left/right, giving her plenty of unique opportunities to move around the opponent.

Specials of Nine the Phantom

Nine the Phantom
  • Crimson Raider: Plunge into the opponent while wrapped in flames, creating an explosion on impact. The Crimson Raider is often used airborne finish in situations where you can send an opponent back to the ground using the Tanzanite of Torment / [Wx3]. It is also sometimes used in grounded champions from Tanzanite of Torment / [Wx3] as well as when you want to do maximum damage.
  • Mauvette Roar: Nine the Phantom performs an upward kick with her demon, Hi no Kagutsuchi. Anti-air commandos. Can be easily followed with a full combo on CH. This particular is often not used as Nine has a ton of other options like 6X, teleport, or j.A boost at her disposal. However, she only moves outside of the actual reverses with the real Head invul, and it covers the best vertical range of her anti-zero picks, making it an option. Good in certain situations.
  • Navy Pressure: Perform a head punch with Hi no Kagutsuchi’s fist. Because of its tracking feature, Naval pressure is a great tool to punish an opponent’s attempts to do work at a longer range and make them more cautious in doing so in the future. It can also be overwhelming to force people to try to get out of the pressure after you’ve gotten too far back from normal.