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Learn About Noel Vermillion in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Noel Vermillion

Noel Vermillion is a character rushdown on a mobile device, who uses his Drive to evade and mingle with his opponents. After the events of Chrono Phantasma, Noel lost many memories of splitting a part of herself into Mu in order to prevent the end of the world.

Playstyle of Noel Vermillion

Noel Vermillion


  • High mobility.
  • Good corner carry.
  • Decent ground normals.
  • 4D allows Noel to bait the reversing options on the spot while continuing to pressure.
  • Instant d.6b cancellation provides a powerful high-low combination when Noel is landing from the air.


  • Short effective range, can’t really compete with most other characters from afar.
  • The reverse option is not reliable.
  • Depends a lot on the meter – often need to cancel quickly to make any complicated mingling attempts.
  • Difficult to convert stray attacks into combos
  • Careless use of the drive is very susceptible to punishment.
  • Drives take a lot for defensive overdrive use.

Drive: Chain Revolver

Noel’s Drives works in two different ways. Upon pressing Drive initially, Noel uses the Drive attack, and then she is in a sprocket state where all of her normal commands are different and have three additional special moves. The state of the sprocket lasts until you stop inputting commands or perform deform / special cancellation.

  • Noel Vermillion can cancel any move of Drive to any other, except she can’t repeat the same move twice in a row.
  • If the sprocket ends without a special cancel command, Noel performs a short reload animation before any other commands can be redone.
  • Noel is limited to 4 normal commands after the first drive burner. Attempts to do more will be ignored, but she can still make special cancellations at this point.
  • In driving mode, Noel can use any special move she has used before, as well as 3 special moves dedicated to Drive: Spring Raid, Bloom Trigger, and Assault Through.

Overdrive: Chain Quasar

Activating Noel’s Overdrive has many positive effects:

  • Faster boot-up speeds and faster recovery when moving drives (Lost “Reload” animation)
  • Thor (super air) allows Noel Vermillion to recover in the air after a rocket shoots
  • Bloom Trigger hits more than twice
  • Assault Through increases stealth and stealth short before active
  • Spring Raid has increased the non-technical time for merging

Drive Moves of Noel Vermillion

Noel Vermillion
  • 5D: Cannot be invincible, fastest drive migration used to initiate drive mixing. When used against an opponent being knocked out at the corner, it will catch all rolls for a 3K corner combo. Your penalty is the most damaging on the Fatal Counter because impregnable reversals keep your opponent on their feet.
  • 2D: 2D had an animated change that changed it from a large stroller wheel to a small drive loop that closely resembles her old 2D from the older Blazblue iterations before CP, but is currently another counter. It’s a useful steering move to dodge multiple low-range attacks in the game while moving forward a considerable distance at the same time but rather slow to start.
  • 6D: A low hit drive attack. Although a bit sluggish, 6D is a very useful way to dodge a significant amount of bullets or attacks from the body while shielding the ground. This makes the 6D an effective tool in battles against military zones or in certain long-range situations where Noel Vermillion has a hard time dealing with short-range.
  • 4D: 4D is Noel’s main inversion option. Nerfed compared to the old versions of Blazblue, but still useful. You can best use this inversion option by using a selected option to help with appropriate calls and judgments (1> 4 + AB ~ D ~ 1) to avoid a number of attacks body and head.
  • j.D: j.D is mostly an important drive combination feeder that converts aerial assemblies to ground assemblies. In most combos, it is usually used near the beginning of the combo or near the end of the combo corner using the route j.2C> air dash> j.2C converts to j.D immediately after.