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Learn About Nu-13 in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


After the events of Calamity Trigger following her battle with Ragna the Bloodedge, she is presumed dead alone in Cauldron. Nu-13 is then revived by her own will to merge with Ragna in a form Hazama calls the “Sword of Hades”; Although she retains her looks and personality from previous games. She was adjusted by Hazama to once again get in Ragna’s way.

Playstyle of Nu-13



  • Great backdash
  • Powerful partitioning tools give her a solid neutral game
  • A luminous Slave is a versatile tool that can be used for setplay and zoning
  • Her combos involving moves are often difficult to detonate properly; If someone does not explode at the right time, Nu-13 can choose another combo


  • Low health
  • Low Average Damage
  • The combinations associated with drive attacks don’t last long thanks to increased drive speed
  • Rely on the system mechanism to release pressure
  • Localization has been severely reduced due to a drive nerf and the removal of Spike Chaser
  • It takes comparative experience to know how to zoned multiple characters and her game plan is entirely up to whichever character she’s facing.

Drive: Sword Summoner

Nu-13  displays sword-like projectiles that she can shoot out at different angles. Every drive move has a follow-on attack

Press D as soon as the attack connects. All of them can be dropped in her Action Parser 44 or 66.

Overdrive: Unlimited Drive

Power up her Drive with more summoned swords, chip damage and

  • All of Drive’s moves, including their tracks, summons two swords instead of one
  • 4D minimum distance requirement is eliminated
  • Swords deal chip damage
  • Basic Crescent Saber
  • Gravity Seed’s reloading speed is faster
  • Luminous Slave shoots two swords instead of one
  • Can cancel all of her Special Moves to the Action Parser when hit, blocked, or hit
  • Legacy Edge lasted longer and made more hits
  • Calamity Sword summons 4 swords in a wave motion instead of just one

Drive Moves of Nu-13

  • 5D: Zoning and poke tool is great as it is almost fullscreen
  • 2D: Take a 70-degree angle. AA is great for punishing opponents not right in front of Nu but in the air.
  • 6D: Take a 30-degree angle. AA is great against rival IAD. Can hit taller characters like Azrael, Tager, and Hakumen while they are standing, but will hit lower characters
  • 4D: Appears in a position where the opponent used to be horizontally when you enter a command, but has minimal distance from Nu-13. Go full screen, but there is a minimum distance requirement for it to hit (not in Overdrive).
  • j.D: Take a 30-degree angle. Act tactfully to prevent airborne people from rushing towards you if you are in the air.
  • j.2D: Move cleverly to prevent people from running towards you. Can be used to bait AA, but be wary of its resilience.
  • j.6D: Throwing land launches the opponent upwards and slightly to the side depending on the direction of the throw. The aerial version drops both players to the floor before dealing damage, ensuring consistent subsequent combos from every starting height. Ground throwing is a special type that can be canceled.