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Learn About Platinum the Trinity in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Platinum the Trinity

The gameplay of Platinum the Trinity is based on her RNG-based Drive, the Miraculous Symphony. Though she is most prone to dive, getting certain items during different battles allows her to change gameplay.

Playstyle of Platinum the Trinity

Platinum the Trinity


  • Strong mixup tools
  • Great variation in Drive tools
  • Decent damage output
  • Various long-range ratings have quick start-up times


  • Poor/exploitable defensive options
  • Can struggle with zoning
  • Extremely situational gameplay due to RNG Drive
  • Priority is given to Normals and especially lackluster compared to other characters in the game

Drive: Magical Symphony

Magical Symphony is the aforementioned RNG-based Drive that allows Platinum the Trinity to “equip” an item for use in battle. When the battle begins, Platinum will have a random item listed as NEXT. Press 5D / j.D to equip them with an item and another random item will be placed as NEXT. Each item has a limited number of uses due to the number of notes. When the number reaches 0, the item will disappear, and press 5D / j.D again to equip the NEXT item.

Platinum the Trinity has no way to choose a particular item, but she can quickly dispose of her current item using the 214D to try her luck and get a more desirable item.

Platinum’s Distortion Drive “Miracle Jeanne” replaces her existing item for an upgraded version of the NEXT item.

Overdrive: Magical Heart Catch

Platinum’s Overdrive provides her with countless items she currently holds. No matter how much an item is used in the OD, the inventory counter will not decrease. This effect can also be stacked with Miracle Jeanne.

Drive Moves of Platinum the Trinity

Platinum the Trinity
  • No Item: Plat is very vulnerable when equipping an item, make sure you have plenty of space between yourself and your opponent before trying to equip an item. Can be used as bait for some counter-attacks if you’re crazy.
  • Piko Hammer: This move will be immediately destroyed if the opponent does not Barrier to block it.
  • Air Piko Hammer: The guard who gets the second hit will be crushed if the opponent fails to block the Barrier. This move can be used to pass through by doing an IAD and using movement while you are behind the opponent. The higher you use this technique on the ground, the more stun you receive. At level 3, moving will cause a hit on the ground.
  • Piko Hammer Special: The box hits big, in addition to defending the opponent if they don’t block the Barrier, this move produces an unstoppable “shock wave” if it is thrown. Shock waves can only be avoided by jumping or by moving with the I-frame.
  • Magical Bat: I-frame starts from frame 1, thankfully this “DP” can sometimes be used via the push of a button. Cutting this move while stunning the block can get you out of a tricky situation by finding gaps on the block wire or putting you in an even tougher situation if your opponent sees your shot. Come and jump out cancel the trick to bait and punish it. 214D sends this item up, same as the hammer.
  • Magical Cat Hammer: Fast and have a great hitbox, a great item to draw in neutral time. Can be specially canceled. 214D sends this item up, so we don’t keep repeating myself, all “melee” items (bats, hammers, hammers, pans) do this.