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Learn About Rachel Alucard in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Rachel Alucard

Head of the infamous family of vampires Alucard, Rachel Alucard has spent countless years witnessing the world repeat 100 years. However, the world finally broke the bonds that kept it all along, and Rachel resolved to end Terumi with her own hands.

Playstyle of Rachel Alucard

Rachel Alucard


  • Scary mix-up game
  • Very strong okizeme
  • Excellent anti-air options
  • Excellent control for neutral; Excellent partitioning tool
  • Very good pressure and pressure reset
  • Flexible routes, allowing for some creativity and breathing space in her combos if you have technical knowledge


  • Extremely reliant on wind
  • Poor defense options when waking up
  • Lots of regeneration on Lobelias, making them punishable when hit in severe cases
  • Depends on the clock for both damage and defense options, which means one often has to sacrifice for the other

Drive: Sylpheed

Rachel Alucard

Rachel’s Drive allows her to summon the wind in eight different directions. The wind affects all projectiles, Rachel’s movements, and the opponent’s position while combined. The amount of available wind reserves is indicated by a gauge above her gauge bar and each wind consumes a stockpile of the total four available reserves. The Sylpheed Gauge respawns moderately quickly when Rachel Alucard is on the ground, but much slower when Rachel is in the air.

The stat will also quickly increase if she stands completely still for a few seconds, though she can still attack and receive this wind. Since the wind is used for various actions such as move, mix, zebra, and combine, it plays a core part of Rachel’s game planning and therefore requires careful and disciplined management.

Overdrive: Elfried

Rachel’s Overdrive Sylpheed gauge recovered faster.

Deformation drives have additional animations and properties:

  • Baden Baden Lily was rough and minimal damage increased to hull and column.
  • Baden Baden extreme Lily made bonus rates.
  • Tempest Dahlia summons additional projectiles.

Special Moves of Rachel Alucard

Tiny Lobelia

Rachel launches a balloon-shaped seed that flies in an arc and is fully active unless it is destroyed by another bullet or hits the ground. Ground A-C Lobelia moves from shortest to the longest distance. In the air, this order is the opposite of the air Lobelia moves farthest.

George the 13th

When on the screen, George will very slowly follow the opponent. If Rachel uses the wind towards the opponent, George will slide forward. If Rachel uses the wind away from the opponent, George will walk on the spot.

Ivy Blossom

Rachel Alucard turned and placed a coffin under her feet, which would open immediately upon touching the ground. It is important to note that this coffin gets affected by the wind before it hits the ground. Ivy doesn’t have a hitbox, but instead deals 500 damage that doesn’t scale over time as long as the opponent remains in the cloud.

Sword Iris

When Rachel uses Tiny Lobelia, she plants many different sticks on the screen. These bars will stay out until they are activated. As explained in the Tiny Lobelia note, only three bars can appear on the screen at any given time, and if more Lobelia is thrown, the bars will be replaced from oldest to newest. When Rachel uses the Sword Iris command, a ray of light will shine on all the bars, creating a long vertical hitbox that extends to the top of the screen.

Barrel Lotus

In addition to activating the bars with the Sword Iris, Rachel Alucard can also transform her swords into Lotus. When activated, the existing bars turn into helicopter bats and crash into the opponent. The bats move only a short distance. However, distance/travel speed can also be enhanced by wind power.