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Learn About Relius Clover in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Relius Clover

The mad scientists are pervasive in every form of media, but fewer are as crazy and frightening as Relius Clover. Working with Hazama and Imperator, Relius considers all biological forms to be mere objects since they can literally see beyond their appearance and see their own souls. Relius transforms his wife and daughter into superhuman robot dolls and is responsible for the creation of Murakumo units.

Playstyle of Relius Clover

Relius Clover


  • A solid set of mid-range options on his standards and specials
  • A powerful attack annotation tool in led ley
  • Ignis can convert almost all Relius Clover attacks on the ground into combos or pressure.
  • Having Ignis active gives him mixed pressure and powerful options, safe, fast.
  • There is a solid amount of damage from his combos with various ways to lengthen them.
  • Unwavering control in a neutral game is enhanced by Ignis’ presence.
  • Force the opponent to pay attention to two different characters at the same time, making the mixes more difficult to react.


  • Very dependent on resources to keep momentum. When Ignis is low or energized, he becomes much more vulnerable.
  • Without Ignis’ pressure, his attack ability and the chance to cause lasting damage would be significantly weaker.
  • Missing a reverse clock outside of the Exceed Accel; often rely on a defensive system mechanism when under pressure.
  • It requires identifying multiple factors at once to optimize playability.
  • Occasionally have to cut combos short to preserve Ignis.

Drive: Detonator – Relius Clover

Summons Ignis to attack, giving Relius Clover access to a variety of tools to pressure and trap opponents. Ignis has an energy gauge. Whether Ignis is summoned or attacked consumes Ignis measure, and being completely empty will negate Ignis for a long time.

After attacking, Ignis will move to Relius’s location. However, after each attack, Ignis will stand still for a while. Performing an Ignis attack during this time will have an Ignis attack from her current location. This allows Ignis to attack from longer distances or to keep an opponent sandwiched between Relius and Ignis.

Ignis is normally untouchable, but she can be beaten when performing an attack. Hit her will not appear and her gauge will turn blue, which prevents replication of the gauge for a while.

Players will need to manage Ignis’ energy or else lose access to her for an extended period of time. Self-activating Ignis will help her gauge to recover faster than if she got hit or empty the gauge.

Overdrive: Maxim Dance

Relius Clover

Relius’ Overdrive greatly increases Ignis’s overall effectiveness.

  • Ignis Gauge’s recovery speed increases, can restore the gauge even when she is in the blue bar state, and recover the gauge when summoned and idle
  • Ignis cannot be disabled by using her gauge while OD is activated. If she was deactivated, she would reactivate with any gauges she had regenerated during that time.
  • All Ignis moves are reduced by half
  • Each Relius’s Ignis Commando and all Supers receive buffs in some way, dealing more damage, hit, hitstun / unsech for more combo options.
  • All Ignis specials come at a higher price, so careless combined routing can lead to an OD end with little or no more metrics.