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Learn About Susano’o in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Susano’o was one of the Original Units along with Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu and served as a later guardian to the aeons before starting the series. However, over time, he became more and more indignant at the fact that he was bound to the Master Unit and devoted his existence to destroying Amaterasu and everything she created.

After eliminating the unit’s previous host, Hakumen, Terumi fused with her old vessel to once again return to her true form and destroy those who were in his way.

Playstyle of Susano’o


Susano’o is a high damage dive character, slowly building up momentum until he can overwhelm his opponent. Players with good awareness and agility can make up for his lackluster movement and defense.


  • High average damage
  • Most moves have good range and can be used to create distance
  • Create strong motivation when the opportunity arises
  • High health helps compensate for the impaired defense at the start of the game
  • There is a tool for almost any situation
  • With good awareness of the seal, that can transform into a full combo of most of his jabs


  • Slow attacks and high ammo box make him difficult to defend and more susceptible to stuffing or punishing his moves.
  • The Dash starts up slowly, making it impossible to wash the microphone
  • Most tools must be unlocked before use, making Susano’o significantly weaker than the other characters at the start of the round.
  • The game mixes high/low below mids and lacks safe low options
  • The best-combined routes are only accessible after unlocking the specials, and many moves lack good validation if none are present
  • Requires good knowledge of the matching paths that change based on what’s currently unlocked.
  • Rely on system and resource mechanisms to get rid of pressure before reversing options can be obtained
  • Tried hard to regain momentum when being put at a disadvantage early and most of the momentum gained will be reset after every round

Drive: Divine Warrior – Susano’o

He has eight special moves and starts each round with only the first special move unlocked. Every time he hits a hit, a pointer moves over the eight symbols/seals above his Heater in numerical order. He starts with no highlighted icon, so for example doing 5A> 5B> 5C, will highlight the third icon (Megalith).

When a Drive move hits (or is blocked by) an opponent, the currently marked icon is unlocked and the cursor is reset.

Some icons can be leveled up by unlocking them multiple times, changing their properties, and damage.

If the icon has just been unlocked and fully granted (if applicable), the next icon will be marked instead.

Overdrive: Shrieks of the Entombed


Susano’o can use all special objects at their highest level while the Overdrive is active, even when locked. He also gains access to a Distortion Drive to instantly unlock all of his special features for use outside of the Overdrive. He Slugs also receive buff spells.