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Learn About Taokaka in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


A young beastman of the Taokaka clan living in the lower class of Kagutsuchi. Her fur is equipped with pedicure-like hands that include long and retractable claws. She wants to take back the sky above her village that was sealed off by a giant glass by people who came to the land and started building a great city. She left her village in search of someone named Ragna after she heard that you can make a lot of money by defeating him. She didn’t know that, but she was a descendant of a biological weapon created by one of the six heroes, Jubei.

Playstyle of Taokaka



  • The most flexible ease of movement in the game
  • Above-average pressure, efficient and low-level traps to punish shoryu’s attempts
  • Good pressure reset tool with jump and cat nest
  • Get the best kills performance angle
  • Additional dash/jump allows you to bait and punish more easily


  • Output damage below average
  • Despite her overall speed, her fastest stab was 6F, 1F slower than standard.
  • Below-average mix, only head-on without CH / meter mix is ​​6B> j.236B (whiff)> 5B
  • Her casual players have a large amount of inventory even on boot, for no particular reason (which makes it always play in a safe, penalty-based neutral game plan)
  • Inability to reverse quickly, overall very few defensive options are available beyond her mobility.
  • Her usual stats have a lot of healing power for a dashing character, making him extremely susceptible to overdose and punishment compared to other plunging characters.
  • Difficult to absorb and learn
  • Output monitor failure without CH/crouch confirmation or quite a low meter
  • Lowest HP in the game, a mistake that could cost you the whole game.

Drive: Dancing Edge – Taokaka

Her Dancing Edge launches her like a torpedo at her opponent. Each drive can be processed on pressing/block or even during boot by pressing A / B / C. These shredder plates act as a protective layer while still allowing Taokaka to quickly cancel. many of her other attacks. When hit/intercepted, she can control how she bounces off her opponent by holding 6 or 4.

Overdrive: Almost Becoming Two


Almost becomes two (AB2) which are great for extending pressure or increasing your damage from 4k to 8k depending on the starter set. You can do 5B> 5C> AB2 to extend your pressure in corners and it frames the trap so it’s 100% safe. This becomes a very useful tool when your opponent turns his back to the corner because this is where Tao’s damage is highest but the pressure is weakest. Beware of reversals like DP and super-speed reversals as you’ll be affected by whatever you do after AB2.

The most common way to Overdrive Cancel to AB2 is from 6C> 4D ~ B. Because of the dark, most rated devices will now link together much easier (even those fully charged). Almost anything is now cancelable (including j.236Bx5 and Cat Spirit Encore), allowing you to maximize minimal damage. Her new Aerial Deformation Drive, Unison Nyaibu is particularly strong during Overdrive, and can be combined with j.236Bx5. At 100 meters, j.236Bx5 low above ground can also be combined into a dual Hexa-Edge (for up to 9k).


  • Attack damage reduced by 50% for the lifetime of AB2
  • Shadow copy does everything Tao does with 12F latency
  • Any effect on attack or protection (like a float) is reduced by 8F
  • If Taokaka attacks, the shadow clone’s movement will screech
  • Normal moves can self-destruct twice and cancel when jumping
  • Special drives and programs can both be specially destroyed