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Learn About Valkenhayn R. Hellsing in BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Valkenhayn is polite and courteous in all situations. As a butler, he is extremely dedicated to Rachel and does whatever he can to support and protect her. However, his demeanor presents a barbaric side that appears only in battle or when he is pushed to the brink of anger. He employs a fighting style that, while astounding, unbelievably brutal, uses slashes and blows so powerful that they look as if they are intended to break the enemy’s bones.

Playstyle of Valkenhayn



  • Very good corner carry
  • The wolf form offers great flexibility, pressure, and combination movement.
  • Great standards.
  • The wolf form provides a strong neutral game that can cause opponents to make bad decisions.


  • Below average health
  • Poor defensive options.
  • The only way to safely add pressure is to use a wolf watch, which means you can’t let your opponent block for too long without affecting your neutral game.
  • Wolf form can be difficult to use, resulting in a higher level of execution than most characters.

Drive: Werewolf

Valkenhayn transforms into a wolf. He’s more agile in this form and gets a whole new set of moves. You will need to be able to move flexibly in both human and wolf form to be able to play him in the best way. While it can be difficult at first, the rewards for spending time getting to know this character will make you a terrifying player.

When in werewolf form, the purple bar above your thermometer will slowly drain. If the meter reaches 0, you will not be able to transform until the meter is fully charged. Additionally, the + D direction will allow the wolf to dash in that direction and will drain the gauge faster. 5D will transform you back into human form.

It’s important to conserve your wolf gauge for optimal pressure and look for very minimal methods to drain the watch while dealing damage. The gauge will slowly refill while he is on the ground, but not in the air. You also cannot block in wolf form, so it is imperative that you constantly move around to make it difficult for opponents to blow.

Overdrive: Endless Wolf

Cannot activate in wolf form. In Endless Wolf, Valkenhayn has access to an unlimited supply of wolf watches and it will quickly recover if it is completely depleted. Besides this:

  • w [j.214A / B / C] has significantly increased hitstun
  • j.C becomes wreckable
  • Rasen Wolf and wolf cannon will start up faster.

Drive Moves of Valkenhayn



During this time, he has a different set of moves from his counterpart and greatly increases his mobility. In wolf form, the gauge dissipates when he is in the air, it also dissipates when running backward on the ground. The wolf meter drains faster when you use aerial attacks, as well as Geschwind / Rasen Wolf and Konig / Eisen Wolf specialties. If the gauge runs out, you will not be able to use the wolf form for about 10 seconds.

Geschwind Wolf (Swift Wolf)

He spins in place, changes into a werewolf then dashes in the direction you choose. This doesn’t really attack but moves you in the direction at very high speed while draining your wolf meter to hold on as Valk rushes forward. You can press any button to cancel the dash and strike or revert to human form with j.D. All of Valkenhayn, 5C, 2C, and 3C’s human specialties can be omitted from the Geschwind Wolf.

Rasen Wolf (Rush Wolf)

This move will make him in werewolf form attack rapidly in the direction you choose. It works similarly to Geschwind Wolf but this move can attack your opponent. Wolf’s stats drop quickly when using this, but it’s crucial for many Valk combos. You can cancel while charging with other movements, pressing C returns Valk neutral, pressing D turns him back into human form. The Wolf 4C and 7C have 1-10 invincible frames, so it’s especially good to use as bait for reversals when your opponents wake up or to get some invincible for one. In particular you may have done it unsafe.