August 4, 2021


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Learn About What Is Bo5 And The Modes Bo1, Bo3



For LoL matches, it’s not always easy to choose the winner. If you enter a regular match or a tournament, you just need to win. However, the standard of winning in world tournaments is completely different. That’s why we have a question about what is Bo5?

What are the details about Bo5?


If the battle modes like Bo1 are you play a single match and if you win that match then you will win. Such matches are more decisive for the player. Instead of playing a lot of games, just one game will decide everything.

Such a format is used primarily for end of season matches. The final round as well as the match the top 1 position for the tournament.

Next to Bo3 will be the 3-match format for participating teams. This type of match is mainly for semi-finals.

The squads were heavily involved, so they only needed to win two of the three matches. The winner will be in favor of the team with the higher number of goals.

Bo2 game mode is the popular form of scoring in the League of Legends. There will usually be forms such as kills, towers, main houses.

Each target has a different number of reward points. Depending on the number of points earned, the teams will win for themselves.

Finally, it is Bo5, the battle mode that we are looking for. Bo5 is a form of 5-match battles in LoL. If you win 3 out of 5 winning matches then you will be entitled to continue.

Change the match mode, screen squad, for LoL


Each season, League of Legends creates a new form of selection for the championship. While North American tournaments will use Bo3 and Europe will use Bo2. This change in-game mode depends on the number of teams participating in the tournament.

Moreover, you also have your own scoring method. To ensure the fairest of all participating squads.

One more thing is because each year there are more strong teams so to increase competitiveness. LoL has changed the form of scoring and how to select teams. To win the championship really deserves that title.

Riot Games has been continuing to improve on the format of its competition. Their preparations for the tournament are always meticulously taken care of. In addition to changing the form of competition also helps attract more viewers. Instead of maintaining a single form of competition.

With the form of Bo5, viewers can split the matches into a watch. Match quality will be guaranteed.

Although it is not possible to match the form of Bo1 with one match per day to choose the winning team. But it also has its own charm especially when changing the last-minute squad.

It will be difficult to predict the next move of the team in this mode. Bo5, Bo3, or Bo1 matches are all streamed on platforms like Youtube and game channels.

Conclusion of Bo5

With the answer of what is Bo5, hopefully, you will know a little about LoL tournaments. Especially the form of competition of the fascinating tournament of this game. League of Legends continues to be refined.