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Learn About Yuuki Terumi in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Yuuki Terumi

The man known only as Yuuki Terumi is one of the main villains of the BlazBlue series and a former member of the Six Heroes and creator of Azure Grimoire. He is also the founder of both Novus Orbis Librarium and Sector Seven, often manipulating both sides to achieve his goals. He made his debut as a playable DLC character in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.

Playstyle of Yuuki Terumi

Yuuki Terumi


  • Practical high damage ceiling
  • The absurd number of Distortion Drives
  • Great anti-air in the form of 6A
  • Very high heat rise means the more systematic use of mechanisms
  • Very good maneuverability with high running speed.
  • With strong resources, options, and pressure.
  • There is one of the fastest super reverses in the game.
  • Suppressing an opponent’s meter gain often limits their picks and combined damage against Terumi.
  • Great benefits from Overdrive and Active Flow.


  • No meterless reversal
  • Below-average health.
  • Highly dependent on meter gauge for damage and mix.
  • Air-to-Ground game is very weak. His only sniffs with a good vertical strike (J.D and J.2D) are slow.
  • His above-normal range makes it difficult for him to get in and stay, especially against stunts or characters with superior range and legs.
  • Very susceptible to Barriers and Immediate Barriers due to the short-range and lack of a secure approach
  • The pain box on some of his basic attacks usually expands before the attack starts to work, meaning he has to be very careful against footsie-oriented characters.
  • The weakest of all characters in the game against negative penalties

Drive: Force Eater

Terumi’s Drive revolves around increasing heat. By using her Drive, Yuuki Terumi has an extra meter for hitting and blocking, far beyond what most characters would normally get; Note that the watch gains from his Drive proportionally with the combo, so you’ll get less when doing multiple drives in one mix. Enemies will also not receive any Heat when they block (or get hit) by Terumi’s Drive attacks.

Overdrive: Nightmare Reaper

Heat Gain is obtained from Drive attacks and generally improves them in terms of hitboxes, damage, etc. Terumi will also drain an opponent’s watch when they block (or get hit) by Drive’s attacks.

At the same time allowing Terumi to cancel her masterpiece into another super (even the same masterpiece he just made) as long as he has enough Heat to do another one. It also eliminates the thermometer’s cooldown time, meaning you can use the distortion and then continue to increase the clock as usual. The Nightmare Reaper also allows Terumi to cancel any of his Exceed Accel’s superpowers when hit and blocked, allowing him to easily finish his combos with massive damage and gain Active Flow.

Drive Moves of Yuuki Terumi

Yuuki Terumi
  • 5D: This was Terumi’s 2nd longest basic attack, as well as his slit punch. This move’s maximum range is NOT on the head but around the snake’s eyes (only short at the head). This move is NOT a projectile, but it can neutralize the projectile and hit the opponent at the same time. The warm-up and recovery are quite large, so Yuuki Terumi has to be careful when removing this.
  • 2D: Combo from counter wins 6A. In essence, it is too slow to be used reliably and is therefore rarely used. Only useful when the opponent kills late or if you know they will do nothing but block.
  • 6D: Combine fillers only. Not recommended for anything else because he has other standards that may serve other purposes.
  • 4D: A sand kick can cancel a jump. Like 5D, it disables projectiles. Jumpable and super destructible, it allows for safe mixing and breaking.
  • j.D: Terumi’s main air was to land normally; The fighting box was huge and Terumi did not expand her inventory. This allows him to prevent his opponent from reaching too carelessly unless they want to give him a free meter. However, the slow start of J.D makes throwing out bad if the opponent is too close. The small amount of recovery on landing allows some characters to punish Yuuki Terumi in an unusual way, but this is not easy to do for many actors.
  • j.2D: Terumi’s pressure reset tool. Combined with the jump start, the fastest it can be done is 20 frames. Even though it is +3 blocks when TK’d, the only time the Terumi can go into it without leaving a frame distance of more than 10 is from 5C (1) or 2C.