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League of Legends – LEC Summer 2020 Week 5 results

LEC Summer 2020 Week 5

LEC Summer 2020 Week 5

Indirect FNC caused G2 to fall behind on the standings. LEC 2020 Summer continues to witness exciting and dramatic matches. FNC, after a spectacular escape from the match against MSF on the first day of LEC Summer 2020 Week 5, has continued to face many difficulties to defeat Team Vitality. It seems that these matches will help FNC to be stronger in the sprint stage.

FNC continued to revival after an important win – LEC Summer 2020 Week 5t

With both RGE and MAD performing at a very high level, the competition for 3rd and 4th places becomes more intense than ever with the presence of such big names: Fnatic, Origen, G2 Esports, SK Gaming, Misfits Gaming, and Team Vitality. Confronting the direct opponent causes FNC to win to maintain its position in the top 4.

This is evident in the picks and bans of the runner-up team. FNC decided to use Kha’zix to create a counterbalance in the forest with Sett on the VIT side. Senna was no longer playing in a supportive manner, so Rekkles decided to lock in just like the match against MSF the day before.

FNC makes good use of Kha’zix’s anti-ganking ability to help him get stronger early on. Selfmade wasn’t the only one doing well in the early game, Bwipo also played Ornn excellently. It seems that the coordination ability of FNC has improved a lot after the pause between the first and the second.

LEC Summer 2020 Week 5

24 minutes, VIT suddenly had a Baron fight situation. They have a Baron with 3 kills. FNC was quickly overturned. But the bottom couple of VIT made a lot of serious mistakes in the last minutes of the game. With the ability to attack from afar, FNC has given themself the Ezreal assassination rounds of the opponent very successfully.

In the 31st minute, FNC had a phase to wipe out VIT after defeating very quickly to support and the opponent’s jungler. Baron for FNC shortly after. After 32 minutes, Selfmade had an Orianna assassination phase of 10 points to help FNC have a successful fight phase right after. FNC’s victory over VIT helped them rise to 3rd place in the standings with 6 wins in the LEC Summer 2020 Week 5.