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Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves Prediction – LCO Split 2 – 08/04

Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves prediction

Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves prediction

Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves prediction on August 04, 2021. It’s not too surprising that Legacy Esports will pile up early in this match, they understand that only forcing continuous fighting at the beginning can expect to get an early advantage. The recent matches of Dire Wolves have shown that they are not tired of fighting, even some matches bring close to 30 kills. It is clear that the gameplay of Dire Wolves is not too certain, so the basis for Legacy to bring about the advantage is not small.

Legacy Esports Overview

The defeat against Pentanet.GG put Legacy Esports in danger, now they have been surpassed by Gravitas when taking the 5th place in the rankings because the opponent is slightly better in head-to-head difference. Continuing to face a difficult challenge, Dire Wolves promises a tough match, statistics show that the last 4 times they met Legacy Esports only won 1 victory, the rest was lost to 3. However, the fact that the opponent has run out of motivation can completely be the basis for Legacy Esports to win a victory.

Dire Wolves Overview

Dire Wolves is still showing their stable performance with 4th place on the table, with 11 wins and 7 losses since the beginning of the season, so far they are considered to be sure to continue to the next round. Therefore, this will be the time for Dire Wolves to experiment in a few positions, be it a swap of members or some players who often play in the reserve position. Obviously, the possibility of failure in this match of Dire Wolves is higher, the strength of Legacy Esports is not bad but there is a very high determination.

Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves prediction

What Legacy Esports needs to do in this match is to fight strongly for big goals, statistics show that the percentage of Dire Wolves bringing back dragons or messengers is still very high. Legacy Esports needs to prevent the opponent from successfully eating dragons, even getting many towers to get better visibility. 

As a team with greater determination, of course, Legacy Esports will actively force continuous fights, Dire Wolves can completely get caught up in big fights continuously and then reveal mistakes. If this match is dragged to late-game, Legacy Esports’ ability to win is even higher, when they have very good late-game names like Winterer or Incursio. 

Emelg player Sp also shows his excellent protection ability, so Legacy Esports does not get bored with late-game fights. Experts predict the final score is the victory belongs to Legacy Esports, clearly, they are the more determined team in this match.

Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves bet prediction

Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves total score prediction:

Game 1: Legacy Esports

Total score 1-0 (Legacy Esports win)

Handicap bet (Legacy Esports is handicapped 0.5 )

Choose Legacy Esports

First Blood:

Game 1: Legacy Esports

Total Kill Point:

Game 1: Legacy Esports 23-16 Dire Wolves (Over)

First Dragon:

Game 1: Dire Wolves


Legacy Esports: Winterer, styled, Sybol, Incursio, emelg

Dire Wolves: Claire, Shok, gunkrab, Only, Cupcake