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Len’s Island Guide – Some Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Len’s Island

Although more accessible than other survival games, Len’s Island, developed by flowstudio, still offers more than enough crawling and dungeon-building activities to satisfy any adventurer. . There’s a lot you can do to have a smoother time building your paradise island though, so here are just a few Len’s Island tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind before beginning.

Len’s Island Tips

Len’s Island

Each of these Len’s Island tips and tricks is meant to help you get the hang of the game. This guide will cover a lot of the essentials, but it can be difficult to prioritize when everything is right in front of you. So read on and make sure you can give yourself the best possible chance of survival.

There’s A Bed And Tool Chest

As you load onto the island, make sure you keep an eye on the raft beside you; While it may look like a pile of trash, it actually has two very important features: an archived list, which you can use to sleep and move on to the next morning, and a tool chest, where you get the tools you remove from your hotbar. It seems obvious, but it’s very easy to run right through it without thinking if you just want to explore.

Smash Open Every Barrel – Len’s Island

Len’s Island

While you can usually find scraps from inside the game’s dungeons, it’s much safer to squeeze out the coastline of any crates you see, as this is a much safer way to go. to get the scraps you’ll need to craft more advanced tools and stuff without worrying about fighting monsters in the cave.

Prepare Before Entering Dungeon

As much fun as exploring the island’s furthest caves, it’s easy to find yourself reviving after going to bed if you’re not prepared. Always try to enter with a full or nearly full stomach, or else your health will be limited to around 50%, especially before you can craft a torch and a better weapon. Any charcoal you find should be considered absolutely premium until you can comfortably feed it inside, as it can be used to light a fire that helps you restore your health.

Don’t Waste Gold – Len’s Island

Len’s Island

While you can easily drop your early game gold on more uncommon materials like iron shards, it’s best to focus on collecting these inside caves instead of spending gold coins on them. While it seems like a good idea, certain merchants also sell rare weapons, which you’ll want for the game’s tougher enemies you’ll find on the island’s outskirts. And especially don’t spend gold on anything you can grow relatively easily, such as flowers or berries.

Not Every Path Is Obvious

One of the best features of Len’s Island is that there’s always a new path to explore if you’re hard-working enough. Sometimes it’s the bridges you need to repair with wood and stone, but more likely you’ll find sandy beaches near the water’s edge. While it may seem like a boundary, sometimes you can follow them to travel to the connecting island. The patting in Len’s is subtle, but a general rule of thumb is that if it looks like a road, whether it’s made of sand or a stream of rocks, you should probably take your time exploring that way.