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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Leo Whitefang Special Moves, Instant Kill

Leo Whitefang

Leo Whitefang ‘s set of moves revolves around close-range pressure and his unique Brynhildr stance, where he turns his back on enemies. In this position, Leo loses his ability to defend or jump normally, and all of Leo’s basic attacks are altered.

Leo Whitefang Pros and Cons

Leo Whitefang


  • Kingly Offense: High damage and lots of health allow Leo Whitefang to take down a dish.
  • Two reverses: Very good defense options include two meter-less reverses that help beat crossovers.
  • Pressure: Extremely fun close-action gameplay can increase RISC quickly.
  • Don’t throw to you: The many impregnable throws make trying to throw defensively against Brynhildr Stance very risky.
  • Combination End Bonuses: All BnB combos also take down or lead to a beneficial Brynhildr Stance, so choosing between damage or takedown is never an issue.
  • Advantages of the Frame: Multiple + buttons on the block.
  • Meter Burn: A super-efficient and reliable multi-instant destroyer.


  • Lockout: One of the worst characters in the game to deal with zoning.
  • Predictable: It depends heavily on Brynhildr’s stance and close-range pressure. Some of his best attack tools can also be punished in a variety of ways.
  • Jump-in easy: Very poor air resistance.
  • Large body: Large pain box.
  • Slow Normals: Long start on buttons that do not return.
  • Heavy Jump: Starts jump 4f.

Special Moves

  • Graviert Wurde: The displayed frame advantage is assumed to be in a blank space. Leo’s charge bullet. Version H will disappear if Leo WhiteFang is hit, and both versions could be YRC’d before or after the fireball appears. If YRC’d after booting, the fireball remains on the screen.
  • Eisen Sturm: Charge inversion has a high degree of insecurity. It can’t be PRC’d. S version is 1 ~ 4F Full invincible. Note that invincibility ends right before the ability is activated, which causes S Eisen Sturm to swap or lose before other attacks. This can be helpful when dealing with certain types of ammo, like the Zato Mawaru and the Elphelt Pineberry!
  • Kaltes Gestöber Erst: Leo’s rekka type attack. For standing opponents, only use combos from c.S, 5H, 2H, 6H, and 6K. Safe to block, but negative. Follow Kaltes Gestöber Erst. Only match consistently with opponents on the ground. Follow Zweit that beat. Escape from Brynhildr’s pose.
  • Kaltes Gestöber Zweit: Typical Leo juggler finishers. Combinations of j.K, j.S, and j.H, but the only average of the ratio. When hit, Leo switched to Brynhildr’s battle stance with a +3 frame advantage, allowing for a further attack. Siegesparade does not takedown but instead forces the opponent to recover on the ground next to Leo Whitefang (often referred to as standing).

Leo Whitefang Instant Kill

Leo Whitefang

Windrad des Weltraum

  • Indicate the right timing for you, your opponent in Hellfire and you have 50% Stress
  • 9-32F Full Invincible [5-27F Full Invincible]
  • Activate IK mode: 73T [5+ (63) +5]
  • Use his Kaltes Gestöber Erst animation.
  • In Hellfire it is possible to combine words: bt.D RC, corner bt.D, corner CH Stahwirbel, CH 2H, CH bt.214S at the corner, & 5D6 in the corner. Can be optimized when the opponent can explode a normal combo.