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Heroes of the Storm: Leoric Talent Build Guide


Leoric is an aggressive melee Bruiser with enduring self-reliance and high mobility. He excels at dealing high damage through powerful Basic attacks and close-range abilities, while his survivability allows him to hold his stance even when outnumbered. by some enemies. After taking lethal damage, Undying causes him to transform into a Phantom with the ability to move freely and use his ability to slow enemies. After a certain amount of time (affected by the use of abilities while in the Phantom form), he returns to life at the current Shadow.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Leoric



  • Good self-sustain
  • Solid waveclear
  • Decent mobility
  • Can deal Percent Damage
  • Strong in the late game
  • Quickly regenerates thanks to Drain Essence Icon Drain Essence
  • Can become unstoppable when necessary


  • Vulnerable to burst damage
  • Weak in the early game
  • Endure the healing reduction effects

Talent Build of Leoric

Wraith Walk Build

His Wraith Walk Build offers powerful and unique gameplay that allows Leoric to paralyze the combat performance of any Hero exposed to Wraith Walk thanks to the Ominous Wraith at Level 13 greatly reducing the damage inflicted in several seconds and has the ability to be applied repeatedly with the help of Royal Focus at Level 16. Level 7 hopelessness keeps Drain Hope active in Wraith Walk.

Basic Attacks Build

His Basic Attacks Build is especially good when you need more single target damage thanks to Spectral Leech at Level 13 and Mithril Mace at Level 16, which can sometimes be replaced with Crushing Hope to increase your continuous damage. Drain Momentum at level 7 helps keep you on target.

Drain Hope Build

His Drain Hope Build is only playable against less mobile Heroes with high maximum Health (such as Garrosh) thanks to Unyielding Despair at Level 13 reducing Drain Hope’s cooldown, Crushing Hope at Level 16 increased damage all the time, and Level 7 hopelessness will get you there.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Leoric pairs well with Heroes who can track his Entomb for a huge amount of explosive damage (e.g. Orphea uses Eternal Feast and all her Basic Skills) or take Additional crowds control (such as Stukov’s Lurking Arm).

Countered by:

He fights against highly mobile Heroes (such as Tracer) who could simply dodge Entomb and/or disconnect his Drain Hope (like Samuro using Mirror Image or Image Transmission ).

Due to her self-healing ability, Leoric doesn’t like dealing with Heroes with reduced resilience (eg Ana’s Biotic Grenade).

Maps of Leoric


He is a powerful pick on the Map, where the game lasts long enough to reach Level 20 and unlock the Buried Alive and/or a very powerful double immersion (especially the Towers of Doom, where you can count on both).

Also, Leoric is a good pick on the Map where your team requires a solid solo laner with good self-defense and breakout.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Skeletal Swing to reduce your chances of missing Drain Hope.
  • Drain Hope is especially effective when used on enemy Champions with high Max HP and lack of mobility.
  • Wraith Walk allows you to pass through the Enemy’s Gate, but not through the permanently insurmountable terrain that makes up the Battlefield.
  • When needed, don’t be afraid to trade your life for something else as you can revive faster with Drain Essence, but remember that you still give Experience when you die.
  • While in Ghost Form, use Ghastly Swing to reduce the chance of missing Drain Essence.
  • Remember to slow down the enemy heroes and try to give vision to your team while you are in Ghost form.
  • When resurrection is dangerous, you can use your Hearthstone while in Ghost form.