July 31, 2021


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Let’s Burn The Playground With Phoenix Valorant

Phoenix Valorant

Phoenix Valorant

Phoenix Valorant holds a special role among the Agents in the FPS Valorant. Possessing a set of moves that can stun and deal damage over time, he is someone who can deploy attack directions, while at the same time luring enemies from where they are in corners.

To learn more about all 4 Phoenix moves and how to combine them smoothly, together with us, go into the details of this guy “Phoenix” through the article below.

Skillset of Phoenix Valorant

 Phoenix Valorant


Phoenix builds a long firewall, blocking vision and dealing damage to anyone passed, but can restore Phoenix to HP for a period of time if standing in it. The firewall can be bent by hovering the mouse in the direction you want.

Remarkably, the firewall only lasts about 6 seconds and is very thin, so it cannot do too much damage on the opponent. Therefore, this skill is most effective when you want to block the enemy’s vision to move to a favorable position or buy time for teammates to come to help promptly.


Phoenix Valorant throws a ball of fire, flying at high speed, capable of stunning anyone who looks at it. The fireball will fly to the left when you press the left mouse button, and to the right when you press the right mouse button.

This is an easy-to-use skill to initiate combat because you can use it in a hidden corner without worrying about being attacked by the enemy. However, new players will often easily “squeeze” their teammates. So you need to understand the mechanism and flight path of the technique correctly to avoid blindness while storming.

Hot Hands

 Phoenix Valorant

Phoenix Valorant throws a ball of fire forward, explodes when it hits the ground, creates a zone of fire and damages anyone who enters for a short period of time, however, Phoenix can heal when standing in the flamethrower area.

You cannot perform the move at a long distance because the fireball will fall straight down immediately after reaching a certain distance. However, you can pop the wall so that the ball of fire falls in the correct position.

Ultimate – Run it Back

When activated, the ability marks Phoenix’s current location. At this time, Phoenix gains the ability to revive with full HP at the exact same location as soon as he is shot dead, or the cast time expires.

Cast time only lasts about 10 seconds, so that is not enough time for you to run around the map, but remember to use it when you tank a teammate to push into the bomb location, in situations where the enemy team is too crowded to make situations “1v5” or necessary fighting times.

The gameplay of Phoenix Valorant

Phoenix possesses a versatile skill set that can both damage, heal, attack, and defend. So he is suitable even on team Defenders or Attackers.

On the Defenders side, with a skill range that is not too far but can control the opponent’s path, it is recommended to use Phoenix at choke-points (lane) at bomb locations. Also, the use of effective close-range weapons will make it easier for Phoenix to defend, such as the Shotgun, SMGs, or Phantom in the Rifles line. You can also make the most of Blaze’s ability to both block the opponent’s vision and restore a certain amount of HP when fighting.

On the Attackers side, Phoenix Valorant is ​​a very good team fighting Agent when using Curveball to stun the opponent in the output, but be very careful before using this skill because it will have the opposite effect. you and your teammates if thrown incorrectly. With your ultimate, Phoenix will be a good tank for your teammates when attacking points. Once activated, Phoenix can go ahead and suck the opponent’s fire, exchange kills and thereby giving his team a human advantage.