August 3, 2021


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Let’s Learn About CSGO And What Is Recoil



Controlling the recoil of a gun is the key for you to win in shooting games. For CSGO, a game with a first-person perspective, you need a sharp reflex, a great combat simulation experience, and some specialized skills to master this game.

Legendary CSGO in esports


CSGO has many different factors that make it attractive to players. You can see this game has many colors, from sports, action to fun, humor. Therefore, CSGO always has a suitable fan base; regardless of how time changes. Besides, CSGO also knows to change itself to become more attractive and trendy in the eyes of players.

Coming to CSGO, you will experience for yourself the feeling of participating in fiery gun battles between two different forces. On one side is a professionally trained counterterrorism force; on the other hand, are terrorists with armaments as well.

The general purpose is to disable the fighting power of the enemy team. CSGO is also not familiar with integrating specialized terms; Used in professional matches. One of them is the recoil control, so what is it and what does it have to do with CSGO and other shooters?

What is Recoil and what is your important role in every game


The interpretation of it in the most straightforward direction is the recoil of the gun, the time the center of the gun returns to its original position after a shot is fired. This reflects the unrealistic phenomenon; when people use real guns or firearms use ammunition with integrated gunpowder.

Bullets after metal activation; will explode and the warhead will be fired after moving inside the barrel. That amount of gunpowder will create a rebound force in the vertical direction that will distract the shot. This is modeled in CSGO as well as some recoil shooters.

The effect of good control is that you can accurately fire bullets in a magazine. Some players when they are new to the game, often choose for themselves with huge guns, with large ammunition.

However, this is completely wrong, because these guns are case dependent. You should choose a gun with low recoil bounce and practice controlling it. After maturing; That gun will become your main equipment later.

You can also practice increasing difficulty with guns with higher; greater destructive power. This is how professional gamers practice their shooting skills. From there can be important in every gun battle; one hit one kill will be the goal you need to achieve.

The most effective way to control recoil

Through the course of the game, you will learn for yourself the skills and tips for mastering it. Maybe those methods already exist and not yet, here are some common methods that you can apply:

Choose a gun with low recoil to practice. This is a simple trick because you want to deal with it you have only control it. However, it is not only vertical but like some guns like the Ak-47, it has horizontal this factor. This ant for Ak-47; One of the most popular guns in many games becomes the focus when it comes to controlling.

Speed ​​up the mouse, this is a fairly common trick. For professional gamers, the mouse speed or their DPI is sometimes thousands of points. It is possible for each player; the DPI index will vary, it is up to each person’s habits. You should practice and gradually increase DPI after each game to increase your control.

You can also download the Recoil Master map to practice. This is a map to help you get used to the gun in the hand swinging wildly when clicking full auto.

Clicking on each member, this is a skill; skill is used on many different types of guns. Players can easily control the center of the gun without dragging too much mouse. You just need to tap 1 bullet and wait for the target to fire the target and tap the next bullets.