August 4, 2021


Game CMD 368

LGD, A New Team for LPL in 2021


While the other top-four League of legend teams have not made a lot of changes, LGD has all but reset their roster. Peanut came back to the LCK, while LangX, Xiye, and Mark joined the other LPL teams. 


Only Kramer continues to remain with the 2020 squad that went to the Worlds from the fifteenth in the spring. Here is the new team, without any further ado, that will compete in the LPL in 2021.

Top Lane: Cult

Since the beginning of 2020, Cult has hopped between the main roster of LGD and its academy team. He shared time with Lies in the main team last spring, but Lies was the top laner at the start. He returned to the academy team last summer, where he had quite a solid showing.

Cult may be gaining his first real chance while Garvey is still on the team and could return to the top lane. He had a good showing in the summer of 2020, as mentioned, and looked pretty good on the carrying-oriented bruisers. 

And, of course, in true LPL tradition, Renekton is his most-played champion.

Jungle: Flora

Flora is another rookie from their academy team that has joined LGD. In fact, in the summer, he was part of the same roster that Lies was on. He was also on the spring roster, which placed second in the LDL spring.

Flora, like a glove, fits into the current meta. He’s a fast tempo jungler, and Graves, currently King of the Jungle, is his most played champion. 

Flora, however, seems to be struggling to perform on the tanky junglers, which could lead to issues in the event of a meta shift.

Mid Lane: Uniboy – LGD

Uniboy’s performance, a face that fans will recognize from the last Worlds, earned him a place in the LPL. Uniboy has performed consistently in the LMS and PCS, previously on teams such as Ahq and MAD, not to be confused with the LEC’s MAD.

Known for having a big pool of champions, Uniboy should blend perfectly in with the other mid-laners of the LPL. 

Uniboy can fit into any team comp or meta, which is essential to success in a long tournament like the LPL, from Syndra, to Irelia to Kalista.

Bot Lane Carry: Kramer

The only returning player, Kramer, will be the team’s bot lane carrier once again. While he will be absent for the first couple of tournaments, as soon as he joins the squad, he is expected to start.

He had quiet showings in spite of the good performance of the team in 2020. He played mostly utility carries as the meta dictated. He usually played the weakside, as such, and so his performance reflected that.

 While it is unknown whether this will continue in 2021, if he can continue holding the fort, or if he will fasten under the pressure, the question remains.

Support: Peace – LGD

Peace, another rookie who joined LGD, used to play JD as a substitute for LvMao. Prior to that, he was on the academy team of Rogue Warrior, so he has considerable experience with academy teams.

In the LDL, Peace was one of the better Lux players. He played 14 games against her alone last spring, winning 10 of those 14. He plays largely disengage supports like Braum or Tahm Kenchench, other than Lux and Yuumi.

This present LGD iteration is completely different from anything that we’ve seen in recent years.

This LGD has a lot to prove, with 3 rookies on the roster and Uniboy, who is still a young player who is new to the LPL. This roster shouldn’t be held to the same expectations as the previous with all these changes to the roster.