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Heroes of the Storm: Li-Ming Talent Build Guide


Li-Ming is an aggressive ranged killer. She thrives in situations where she can use her Hero Trait, the Critical Mass, to inflict an explosive amount of damage, but otherwise, it’s easy to be blown away when careless. Since most of her Skills are shooting skills, she is one of the toughest Heroes to master.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Li-Ming



  • Strong sieging potential
  • Exceptional poking
  • Outstanding long-range blast and extended damage
  • Diverse excellent talent to adapt to many different situations


  • Very fragile, especially with melee Assassins
  • Difficult to play because all Skills are skills
  • Team combat utility is very limited in addition to raw damage

Talent Build of Li-Ming

Standard Build

This standard construction offers unsurpassed damage. Significant Talents, Disaster, and Mirror Ball allow you to deal unrivaled explosive damage. Quickly killing Heroes in this way activates Critical Mass, allowing you to deal more damage.

Artillery Build

This dedicated artillery provides outstanding long-range damage. The talents associated with the Key Arcane Orb allow you to threaten the Heroes while remaining safe outside their range. This build is especially effective against comrades that lack mobility and on the Temple of Hell Battlefield.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Since Li-Ming relies so heavily on skill hits to deal damage, she naturally works well with any Hero that can provide reliable crowd control against a kill target. let her watch. Her weakness also makes her depend on other Heroes to take her off; Tanks tend to fulfill these two needs, although other Hero types may as well.

Countered by:

Since she relies heavily on skill shots to deal damage, she is inferior to Heroes who quickly dodge her Skills or can summon unwanted targets to get in the way. What’s more, her weakness and lack of self-awareness make her more susceptible to Theft or the Agile Heroes with high damage can quickly approach her.

Maps of Li-Ming

Her safe and long-range persistent damage makes her particularly strong on the Map where the Target allows her to shoot down opponents who have to play attacking with her and slowly give up their positions, or find themselves being shot continuously. On the other hand, her versatility makes her a good choice everywhere.

Tips and Tricks

  • Magic Missile is almost always used on Cooldown due to its low cooldown and low energy consumption.
  • Don’t hesitate to use Arcane Orb even if you are not fully benefiting from the range rewards; Waiting for the perfect chance can cost you more overall DPS than a long shot.
  • Using Teleport aggressively to kill is definitely not a bad idea given the Critical Volume and abundance of powerful Talents affect the Skill.
  • Disintete deals less damage than your other Skills, despite being a Hero Skill and should be used last in your spin due to its long-range and reliability.
  • Consider choosing Wave of Force if your opponent’s team composition has strong channeling ability or tends to rush into a specific target.

Role in the Current Meta


Capable of dealing long-range explosive damage within the special effect range, Li-Ming fulfills a role very similar to other casters, such as Jaina and Kael’thas. Her “reset” mechanism (Critical Mass) makes her a natural rival to the more vulnerable Heroes on the list, such as Murky and The Lost Vikings. She is also naturally effective in teams that are heavy in crowd control, as those effects will minimize or completely eliminate problems inherent to skills.

Her versatility and the immense amount of damage make her the top choice in most lengthy situations and generally well suited as a Hero, in the sense that Supporting her is good for her – and against her, when possible.

And although she could be counterattacked by choosing a few powerful melee Heroes, these choices could then be counterattacked by retaliation with other high-priority options that had to be. removed in response to her choice, their natural counter-attacks, or profuse crowd control. Li-Ming has become a highly controversial Hero ever since she was introduced to the lineup for this reason.