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Liiv SANDBOX vs KT Rolster Prediction – LCK Summer – 08/12

Liiv SANDBOX vs KT Rolster Prediction

Liiv SANDBOX vs KT Rolster Prediction

Liiv SANDBOX vs KT Rolster prediction on August 12, 2021. A season full of ups and downs for Liiv SANDBOX and KT Rolster. KT Rolster was still standing still and was unable to make it to the playoffs. Liiv SANDBOX is going through an extremely successful group stage and is even ranked 2nd with the same record of 11 wins, 5 losses with the top team Nongshim RedForce.

Liiv SANDBOX Overview

That said, this year Liiv SANDBOX has an advantage because strong opponents are playing somewhat unstable. But it is also undeniable that the whole team played hard and was also extremely sublimated to gain great advantages before the playoffs. Therefore, as long as you play properly, the victory will belong to Liiv SANDBOX as a matter of course.

It is completely understandable that the bookie evaluates Liiv SANDBOX in the upper position when they make a strong makeover in the new season while KT Rolster still has not improved compared to the last spring period.

KT Rolster Overview

KT Rolster wasn’t able to continue, so it’s understandable that they gave up in the final rounds. The recent victory over DRX also could not help them keep their hopes up. Afreeca Freecs played too well to own the final playoffs ticket. Therefore, a victory for Liiv SANDBOX will be understandable, even a score of 2-0 instead of having to work hard like in the first leg.

Liiv SANDBOX vs KT Rolster prediction

Everything is under Liiv SANDBOX’s control, most of all, with the determination to win and also the fact that the first place is only 1 2-0 victory away from this team. They will surely soon gather to dominate the match to be able to snowball the match at will. 

Liiv SANDBOX is having the same +8 difference as Nongshim RedForce. That’s why they need to win absolutely against KT Rolster to realize their ambition to take first place after the round. KT Rolster seems hard to make a surprise. 

In the past, they were able to do this, but when they knew for sure that they couldn’t continue. The team’s mentality also went down significantly. The ratio from the first dragon to the first turret is in Liiv SANDBOX’s hands showing how superior this team was before the game. 

What they need to do is accumulate money in the laning phase and then control the waterfront against an inspired KT Rolster. Constantly forcing fights when they have a certain amount of equipment, Liiv SANDBOX has many times of success this season and in the next match, they will soon make KT Rolster broken when there are too many approaches main opponent.

Liiv SANDBOX vs KT Rolster bet prediction

Liiv SANDBOX vs KT Rolster total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Liiv SANDBOX 18 – 11 KT Rolster (choose Liiv SANDBOX – Over)
  • Game 2: Liiv SANDBOX 12 – 6 KT Rolster (choose Liiv SANDBOX – Under)

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Liiv SANDBOX
  • Game 2: Liiv SANDBOX

First 10 kills:

  • Game 1: Sand SANDBOX
  • Game 2: Sand SANDBOX


Liiv SANDBOX: Howling, KingKong, OnFleek, FATE, Effort

KT Rolster: Doran, Noah, Blank, Ucal, Harp