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LNG vs FPX Prediction – Demacia Cup 2021 – 12/25

LNG vs FPX Prediction

LNG vs FPX Prediction

LNG vs FPX prediction on December 25, 2021. The match between LNG vs FPX is evaluated equally. LNG defeated OMG with a score of 3-1 in the last quarter-final.

LNG Esports Overview

Recently, LNG has officially announced that Doinb will be their new mid laner in the upcoming 2022 season, replacing Icon. This is an addition that is considered to help LNG complete because Icon has never been a highly appreciated mid laner and currently, LNG does not have a real leader. 

With his age and excellent form, Doinb will be a worthy name to become the leader of “Suzhou Unicorns” on the way to the title. In particular, the combination of two foreign players Tarzan – Doinb is considered the jungler – the strongest mid laner in the current LPL. 

With a squad that has both youth and experience and is improving day by day, LNG is considered a bright candidate for the upcoming championship.

FunPlus Phoenix Overview

The power of FPX in 2021 is undeniably great and fans also have high expectations for the former king of 2019. However, they have fallen twice in the LPL final and could not pass the group stage of Worlds. 

This led to a huge wave of criticism from the team members and FPX said goodbye to almost all of the players. Only Lwx is left, but his performance and motivation have decreased a lot in the past two years. “Fire Phoenix” brought back really unremarkable names like Hang, lele, or Gori from NS. 2022 is expected to be a challenging year for FPX and they are not as appreciated as before.

LNG vs FPX Prediction

The style of LNG is still maintained after Doinb joined. They have a decent laning and teamfight phase. But the mutability from stars like Ale, Tarzan, or Doinb is very high. Tarzan is still in extremely stable form despite the failures of LNG at Worlds last year and promises a more mature version of LNG next season. 

Meanwhile, FPX surprised with a 3-0 victory over UP. Lwx has impressive shooting scenes and carries FPX alone. Looks like the decision to build FPX around this AD carry was fine, but Lwx still needs more matches to prove itself. Beichuan and Xiaolaohu are also two newcomers but have very good performance. Beichuan can create mutations while Xiaolaohu takes care of a large amount of damage in the top lane – something that Nuguri failed to do last season.

In general, LNG is good at laning and creating mutations while FPX has a very good teamfight around their AD carry. The predicted result is a 3-2 victory for LNG after a series of brainy BO5 matches.

LNG vs FPX Bet Prediction

LNG vs FPX total score prediction:

  • Game 1: LNG wins
  • Game 2: FPX wins
  • Game 3: FPX wins
  • Game 4: LNG wins
  • Game 5: LNG wins

First blood:

  • Game 1: LNG
  • Game 2: FPX
  • Game 3: LNG
  • Game 4: FPX
  • Game 5: LNG

First Dragon:

  • Game 1: FPX
  • Game 2: LNG
  • Game 3: LNG
  • Game 4: FPX
  • Game 5: LNG

Total kills:

  • Game 1: LNG 18 – 11 FPX
  • Game 2: LNG 9 – 16 FPX
  • Game 3: LNG 7 – 18 FPX
  • Game 4: LNG 15 – 6 FPX
  • Game 5: LNG 22 – 14 FPX


LNG: Ale, Light, Tarzan, Doinb, Iwandy, lvMao

FPX: Xiaolaohu, Jiang, Beichuan, Gori, Lwx, Lele, Hang