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LoL Championship Series has announced Nerd Street Power Play

Nerd Street Power Play

Nerd Street Power Play

Nerd Street Power Play has been announced as the LoL Championship Series’ final chance qualifier tournament for the amateur LCS circuit.

This last chance qualifier now has a home thanks to a partnership with Nerd Street Gamers, an esports infrastructure company. The tournament will determine which League of Legends teams will compete in the amateur circuit.

Nerd Street Power Play to Proving Grounds

From Nerd Street Power play to Proving Grounds, Several teams have already qualified for the Proving Grounds competition. Players could compete for a spot in both the Tier 2 and Tier 1 tournaments. During the regular Academy season, teams were also able to qualify.

Proving Grounds will feature Cloud9, Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, Immortals, FlyQuest, and Dignitas. No Org, SolaFide, TSM Academy, and Zoos Gaming are among the other teams who qualified through the Tier 2 and Tier 1 events.

In the Proving Grounds circuit, there are currently two open spots. The top 16 teams will compete against each other after Nerd Power Play. On the line will be the title of best amateur League of Legends team in North America.

The Proving Grounds tournament was first announced in November 2020 as a rebooted version of the NA Academy League. Community feedback was taken into account, according to the official League of Legends Championship Series post. The post also included rules for the Tier 2 and Tier 1 tournaments.

Mobalytics Esports also assisted in the planning of these events. Its platform acts as a hub for keeping track of team and player standings in terms of top prospects and qualification points.

When does the Nerd Street PowerPlay event start?

The Nerd Street PowerPlay event will take place between March 22 and March 25. On the official Nerd Street Gamers Twitch channel, League of Legends fans can root for their favorite teams and players. The live stream will begin at 6 p.m. ET on March 22.