August 4, 2021


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LoL: LCS Rebranded Signifies a New Direction

LCS Rebranded

The LCS rebranded its identity earlier today, ahead of the 2021 season. Complete with a full logo change, a transformation in the league’s overall focus, and a new slogan, “Made by Many,” to boot, North America’s top league for the Professional League of Legends is set to look a lot different than it has in previous seasons.

LCS Rebranded

The design comes just two years after the LEC (LoL European Championship), the long-standing sister league of the LCS, completely rebranded its look to add more modern spin to the professional league.

LCS Rebranded

The rebrand has served as the backbone of the LEC, a league that is now viewed by many as the preferred consensus in the broadcast talent, watchfulness, on-air value of production, and general content creation departments.

With a full identity shift on the board, it might be fair to theorize that the LCS is heading in a similar direction. But of course, execution is all, and there’s still a long time to come.

Flipping the switch overnight when it comes to the identity of a product is an almost impossible feat. And for the past eight years, the LCS has made the best impression of a traditional sports league. 

From the banners in the LCS studio to the sports-broadcast-inspired pre-game and post-game shows, all the way to the time when Riot was trying to turn the Primetime League into its own version of SportsCenter, it was hard not to draw comparisons between the pro league and traditional sports.

It’s going to be difficult, to say the least, to reverse that kind of identity, particularly when Riot has been building on it for almost a decade. And it’s certainly not going to happen overnight. 

It’s almost as if, for the last eight years, the LCS has made every effort possible to draw inspiration from traditional sports leagues whenever possible.

LCS Rookies

LCS Rebranded

Maybe the most central theme of the rebrand circles around the LCS rookies. In today’s announcement video, the league was heavily showcasing  young, talented players with a rising star potential. Namely, Spica, the FBI, and Tactical are all apparently in the spotlight ahead of the 2021 season.

By contrast, 17 players will make their LCS debut in 2021, while eight will have rookie status throughout the season, making 2021 the most competitive rookie class the LCS has seen in years. 

In addition, eight of the 10 LCS teams will have at least one player on their starting roster who hasn’t played in North America before.

It couldn’t be more encouraging for the league to see how much young talent it has on its plate. With a practical smorgasbord of rookies and sophomore players in front of it, the LCS is packed to the brim with young players who have the potential to do great things, just as legends of the past such as Bjergsen, Doublelift, and Sneaky have done.

Moving into 2021, the LCS rebrand is about far more than a new logo and a snappy slogan. It’s about moving away from the identity that the league has been building for a long time.

It’s about making the League’s competitive scene resonate with young people just as much as the game itself does.