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LoL: Summary of LCK 2020 Summer Week 5 results

LCK 2020 Summer week 5 results

LCK 2020 Summer week 5 results

Those who expect an intense, exciting, and dramatic telecom war will feel very disappointed, because, at this point, T1 is completely better than their rival, kt Rolster, in terms of the quality amount of players and coaching staff. After two games, the defending champion easily pocketed another victory to increase the difference in the season to 6 – 3 as the LCK 2020 Summer week 5 results.

Canna Help T1 Esports To Find The Feeling Before KT

LCK 2020 Summer week 5 results

Entering the first game, kt Rolster surprised many people by ignoring the top priority choice at this time Varus to get yourself a Volibear card. They continue to cause many people to question the ban in this game to get a team that is too ambitious with Camille top, Kog’maw to the magical power in the bottom or LeBlanc in the middle to confront Zoe in Faker’s hands.

However, T1 with a strong poke formation and a lineup with a series of hard crowd control effects quickly muffled the opponent. The defending champion shows himself to be completely better in both the ability to move to control of the target and the ability to fight a fight.

As the LCK 2020 Summer week 5 results, aside from giving the rival a few big goals and a kill, Faker and his teammates had no difficulty finishing the first game after 27 minutes without Baron buff.

Game 2 – LCK 2020 Summer week 5 results

LCK 2020 Summer week 5 results

Entering the second game, the team that won the LCK twice decided to include Smeb in place of SoHwan as a top laner. Their selection of this game is also much better when there is a team with good resistance including Trundle, Braum, and Ornn to resist Jayce’s poke and harassment of LeBlanc.

KT has implemented a relatively good strategy when they have the same amount of money and network stats as the opponent, they even help AD carry Aiming with the choice of Ezreal with many points to kill and show on the gunner. Teddy on the other side of the battle line in most matches.

KT had 3 Baron buffs, as well as 3 enemy minions, and stood a great opportunity to balance the score. 

However, Canna’s excellence with the ability to use the Thunder Bridge combo through the Acceleration Gate to poke opponents, along with the ability to hold position and deal damage in excellent fighting of Teddy with the general “most balanced Riot’s 200-year history of making games ”Aphelios helped T1 turn up spectacularly to get the final victory 2 – 0.

Both kt Rolster and T1 will have their next match on Saturday. Meanwhile, kt is expected to face many difficulties against opponents who are in very high form recently. 

With a series of 3 consecutive wins of SANDBOX Gaming, T1 is likely to have a perfect LCK 2020 Summer week 5 results of competition against opponents who haven’t won them since 2018 Gen.G.