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LOL Wild Rift: 5 Best Jungler Champions December 2020

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With a wide selection of Champions of around 50, many players can take advantage of their favorite Champions in the new Summoner’s Rift. Some of the big changes in LOL Wild Rift includes a smaller map, a lower cooldown, and altered Champion abilities. 

While not all champions have been modified, some have undergone significant changes to fit the new map. One thing that remains the same is the need to fill all roles in the team. This includes having a jungler. 

Champion junglers level up by slaying monsters between lanes before launching attacks on enemies in their paths to help teammates secure kills. Although the number of junglers is currently limited in the game, there are some great options to choose from.

Let’s take a look!

The Best Jungler Champions to Choose in LOL Wild Rift


Entering the lane quickly and finishing off the enemy is the essence of a jungler’s responsibility. Using Evelynn makes it easy for you to enter and escape the lane because she is not always visible to the enemy. With the ability to become invisible, Evelynn can also slow down her targets with attacks and quickly destroy them with a combination of her other abilities.

While enemies can see it coming with a border that appears on their screen, this is often unknown to newer players.

 Evelynn is the perfect Champion for outwitting and defeating enemies. Even though she started out with less damage. However, after Evelynn obtained enough items, Evelynn began to do devastating damage and could potentially kill many Champions.

The key is to take the right fight in the early game. That would ensure Evelynn and her team excelled in gold and were able to build stronger items.

Amumu – LOL Wild Rift

Teams often need the Tank Champion to have the best chance of winning team fights. If your top lane chooses a different Champion style, then Amumu is a great choice as a tank jungler. This ability-based champion may not have the fastest damage output, but his ability to close the distance and deal damage over time makes him dangerous, especially in the late game. 

Amumu is perfect for locking up team fights with his ultimate ability to amaze all enemies around him. If you’re looking for a straightforward buildable Champion that lasts, Amumu is worth considering.

Master Yi

LOL Wild Rift

Master Yi has been a solid choice in League of Legends over the years. Until now, it is also one of the best choices in Wild Rift. With his extraordinary speed and healing abilities, Master Yi was often able to carry out a lot of forest and gang clearing without needing to return to base.

Once he acquired his ultimate ability, Yi was the king of duels. For many Champions in the game, it was impossible to defeat him at close range, especially considering Alfa’s Attack ability which closed the distance quickly. One of the easier-to-play Champion junglers, Master Yi is a great choice for new players.

Lee Sin – LOL Wild Rift

If you are looking for a challenging Champion who can be very strong, Lee Sin is the Champion for you. Given the difficult controls for Wild Rift, using skills isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But for Lee Sin, using skills with ease was the core of his strength.

With the ability to quickly close distances and escape, Lee Sin is perfect for getting in and out of battles quickly while also having enough damage to take down enemies quickly. The Champion’s ultimate ability in synergy with his other skills allowed him to quickly isolate targets and separate them from their team, giving Lee Sin and his team an advantage in team fights.

Xin Zhao

LOL Wild Rift

One of the simpler Champion junglers, Xin Zhao is the Champion you can choose from. This Champion is able to approach enemies quickly and slow them down with his abilities. The crowd-control options he provides make his ganks effective.

Even though he can’t always take down enemies in the early game, when together with teammates, he can secure takedowns easily. Xin Zhao is one of those easy-to-play junglers, and for new players, he’s a great option to try.

Those are some of the best Champion jungler choices to choose from in Wild Rift today.

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