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LOL Wild Rift: 5 Best Marksman Champions For December 2020

LOL Wild Rift

With about 50 different Champions that can be played in the game, players who are not familiar with LOL Wild Rift may find it difficult to choose the right character to play with.

In Wild Rift, though the gameplay remains the same, there are some major changes, including a reduced cooldown time and a smaller map. On top of the changes, some champions have been completely reworked to better fit the smaller maps.

For Marksman, most of the Champions will remain the same. But in Wild Rift, the gameplay can be more aggressive in the early game, which benefits a number of Champions while causing some problems for others.

Here are the best Marksmen currently on the Wild Rift. Let’s take a look!

Jhin – LOL Wild Rift

LOL Wild Rift

Jhin is considered one of the difficult Champions to play in Wild Rift. The Champion offers equipment very similar to Jinx.

His attack can easily get past his opponent with aggressive attacks which will be more advantageous. With traps, long range damage abilities that go through many things, and grenades that hit multiple targets, Jhin has a variety of skills that can deal devastating damage at all distances.

Even though the early game can be a little difficult, once you are able to build enough items, Jhin becomes deadly. 

And team fights can be very comfortable if Jhin can get the perfect position and shoot damage at the opponent. Even though he wasn’t everyone’s choice, no one doubted Jhin’s strength in the Wild Rift.


The most played spell-based ADC, Ezreal, must be on this list because he can beat opponents in seconds.

With the same items in Wild Rift as in traditional leagues, players have the ability to blow away enemies while preparing them for takedowns with Ezreal’s various destructive abilities.

His Ultimate seems to be extremely effective on Wild Rift and Ezreal’s Trueshot Barrage is no exception. If you are looking for a champion who is easy to play and deals very high damage, Ezreal is a great choice.

Jinx – LOL Wild Rift

LOL Wild Rift

Arguably the most powerful Marksman in Wild Rift, Jinx is an excellent Champion for the start and end of the game. With her versatile equipment, Jinx is able to duel enemies at close range or take shots from a distance.

Given the smaller map size and faster speed in Wild Rift, Jinx is perfect for quickly weakening her enemies with rockets, forcing them to retreat under the turret.

On top of her strength, Jinx is quite easy to learn and her skills are simple too. For newbies or those struggling with the role, Jinx is the perfect ADC to choose from in the Wild Rift.


In League of Legends, Ashe stood out the most from the rest of the ADC, as the easiest Champion for beginners. She is a great first Champion because she has good range and lots of abilities that can slow down targets. 

This allows the player to take out enemies, hinder their potential escape and secure kills. Its slowing ability also benefited her when trying to escape from approaching enemies.

Ashe’s biggest change in Wild Rift is the ability to direct her ultimate. The Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a global ability that launches a large frozen arrow, damaging and stunning enemies on impact.

Ashe is another great Champion for beginners and one of the stronger Marksman in the game.

Miss Fortune – LOL Wild Rift

LOL Wild Rift

This Champion becomes another Marksman who is easy to understand. Miss Fortune is a spell-based ADC that can be built in several ways. However, it is most effective if it is made to provide damage.

Suffering from early games like Jhin, Miss Fortune became a very valuable team member at a later date with special skills to attack multiple enemies at once.

From Double Up to her ultimate Bullet Time ability, Miss Fortune has many ways to inflict damage on enemies at once. Near the end of the game, this ability can provide devastating power.

Those were some of the best Champion Marksman currently in the Wild Rift. Stay tuned for more news and updates!