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League of Legends: Wild Rift Akali Best Item Guide to Improve Your Gameplay


Today, We bring you a guide that you can use to improve your gameplay with Akali in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Let’s take a quick look below.


Akali is a champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Most players used her as an Assassin in the Middle Lane. Akali’s deadly playing style can make most of the players feel annoyed when fighting her. Akali can deal physical and magical damage to enemies. Using Akali isn’t too difficult either, if you keep practising. Not only that, Akali’s mobility is also fairly high, allowing her to roam the map looking for enemies to take out.

 Akali Wild Rift Rune

[Fleet Footwork] – Akali

For Keystone Rune, We recommend Fleet Footwork. This Rune gives her Movement Speed, Healing, and Damage after she obtains 100 stacks. These stacks can be generated by moving and applying basic attacks on enemies or minions.


For Domination, you can choose Triumph as it restores 10% Health for every enemy that you takedown. It also provides +3% Damage increased to enemies with health below 35%.

[Backbone] – Akali

Without getting killed in the early game, you may consider Backbone. This Rune grants her bonus armor resist and magic resist.

[Hunter – Genius]

Hunter – Genius for Akali Inspiration Rune, She will receive a 2.5% cooldown reduction. This Rune synergizes greatly with all her skill set, especially with her Twilight Shroud skill. 

Akali Wild Rift Items Build


[Hextech Gunblade]

The first core item you should get is the Hextech Gunblade. It grants it users an additional +100-200 magic damage, and slows down your enemies for 2 seconds. Hextech Gunblade also grants Akali 15% physical spell vamp and 15% magical spell vamp. With these effects from the item, Akali will be stronger in duels or teamfights. Thus, the Hextech Gunblade is one of Akali’s core items.

[Ionian Boots of Lucidity] – Akali

For boots, We suggest you to get the Ionian Boots of Lucidity for its 10% cooldown. This additional cooldown is useful for Assassins like Akali, who relies on dealing deadly combos with her abilities.

[Infinity Orb]

Next, you can buy the Infinity Orb. Infinity Orb gives her +60 ability power and 200 health. For this item passive, It provides her with  5% movement speed and +15 magic penetration. As for its other Passives, it provides 20% of bonus critical damage against targets whose health is below 35%.

[Liandry’s Torment]

You should make good use of Liandry’s Torment. It increases her power and health. Since she’s an assassin, that means she is also quite squishy, choosing the Liandry’s Torment is  a smart choice.  Liandry’s Torment is perfect for Akali. Its unique effect, which provides her 1% of the target’s maximum health magic damage over 3 seconds with her ability. This doubles her damage against slowed or immobilized targets.


Morellonomicon is the item you should get after getting Liandry’s Torment. This item provides additional +70 Ability Power and 300 HP. Morellonomicon works very well against Champions who use lifesteal in teamfights. Grievous Wounds — an effect from Morellonomicon reduces the enemy’s health regeneration.

[Rabadon’s Deathcap]

To make it even harder for the enemies to withstand Akali attacks and combos, you will need Rabadon’s Deathcap. Despite its high price, This item gives it users +130 Ability Power. Not just this, Rabadon’s Deathcap Passive, which also grants you +40% bonus Ability Power. It is an item totally worth buying!

[Stasis Enchant]

Lastly, Upgrade your boots to Stasis Enchant. Since she’s quite squishy as an assassin, Akali is often being targeted in team fights. Therefore, you should upgrade your boots to Stasis Enchant. It allows you to become invulnerable for 2.5 seconds when you are in danger.