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League of legend Wild Rift: Olaf Best Build 2020, The Deadly Berserker


Even though Olaf is less popular than other champions, He can actually be a deadly threat to the enemies.  hero is also very effective when dealing with enemies who rely on stun, because Olaf’s ultimate provides immunity to crowd control.  

In addition, hero is known as an offlaner with an aggressive playing style who is ready to chase down all his enemies.


Of course, it will be overpowering if hero is combined with the appropriate items. Well, We will recommend you the League of legend hero Wild Rift Build which can make it easy for you to slaughter all your opponents. 

Let’s take a look at the following guide!

Olaf Wild Rift Skill

Berserker Rage (Passive Skill): hero gets 1% attack speed for every 1% HP reduced.

Undertow (Skill 1): hero throws his ax, dealing 80 physical damage and 30% slow for 2.5 seconds to all affected enemies. Taking the ax shortens the cooldown of this skill by 4.5 seconds.

Vicious Strike (Skill 2): ​​Olaf gets 16% attack speed, 16% physical damage, and gives him a lifesteal of 0.5% per 1% reduced HP for 6 seconds.

Reckless Swing (Skill 3): Olaf lunges at one enemy, dealing 105 true damage. If the enemy doesn’t die, Olaf gets an additional 32 true damage. Attacking the enemy using auto attack will lower the cooldown of this skill by 1 second.

Ragnarok (Ultimate): Olaf breaks free and gets immunity from all CCs and gets 30% attack damage, but Olaf’s passive will disappear for 30 seconds after Ragnarok is activated. Olaf also gets 30% movement speed when moving towards the enemy for 6 seconds for the duration of Ragnarok

Olaf Wild Rift Build

Olaf Wild Rift Build (Core)


These items will give Olaf attack damage, armor, armor penetration, HP, cooldown and defense. Of course, the additional status will make Olaf very difficult to kill. The first 4 core items will be very useful in the early game and late game, because these 4 items will provide AD, armor, health, and magic resistance.

Vs Marksman

Build these items for Olaf if you compete with Marksman champions who have high Attack damage.

Vs Mage


Match it against Mages who issue high damages with their crowd control skills, Olaf can build this item to provide magic resist and HP.

Vs Tank 

These items will provide hero with Attack damage, Health, and enough armor penetration to reduce the tank armor.

Olaf’s Runes and Spells

 Olaf’s rune

For Olaf you can use Conqueror runes which will give Olaf 2-6 bonus damage with a stack of 5 times. Triumph will restore HP if it kills an opponent and gives an additional 3% damage if the opponent’s HP is below 35%.

Hunter – Titan, gives the champion additional HP and Pack Hunter will give move speed and additional gold.

Olaf’s spell


You can use Smite which will provide additional damage to monsters and Flash to chase or escape.

Olaf’s Combo Skill

Olaf relies heavily on basic attacks and skill 3, so you have to be careful and smart to set the timing when approaching your opponent. Here is Olaf’s combo skill:

Undertow (1) -> Ragnarok (Ultimate) -> Vicious Strikes (2) – Basic Attack -> Reckless Swing (3)

That’s it, for hero Wild Rift’s Guide! Stay tuned for more updates and information!